4 May 2007

Wingz go study Law in UK

Long time no post already, so since I'm back posting again for the first time since God knows when? A year ago? This post is speselly ledicated to boss Rojaks Wingz!

This story about Wingz and the UK Immigration Opiser. (You always make fun of Ah Pek and LinPeh, now it's you wokey? Take turns la!!)

Once touch down at Heathrow airport, Ah Pek picked up his luggage and head for the Immigration counter.

UK Immigration Officer: Purpose of visit?

Ah Pek: I'm here to study law, sir.

Officer: You know, you must have a lot of lawyers in Malaysia.

Ah Pek: Why do you say that?

Officer: Well, i've been here for a good twenty years, and I'd say 80% of Malaysians I see here say they're here to read law.

Ah Pek: Oh, really? That's really something i never knew. Hard to believe in fact.

Officer: Just you watch, then. You just stand here until the next Malaysian comes along, and I'll bet he's here to read law.

*Visitor waits for 5 mins, Wingz from Malaysia comes to immigration counter*

Officer: Mr. Wingz, purpose of visit?

Wingz: Study lohh...

Malaysia is damn Boleh coz we got ppl like Wingz that made Malaysia proud bcoz he'll be another femes lohh-yer coming out of UK!!!!! Ulu Klang that is!!!!


P/s: Boss, don't bring your mah chais to my house tomorrow wokey? I'm only trying to find eat only ah...soli ah!!!! *zhao*


  1. Anonymous1:29 am


    This is recycled joke coz I heard this at church a couple of months back. :P

    why going to UK (Ulu Klang) got immigration officer one? I never kena oso...

  3. hahaha........... no wonder you so clever in your study loh...........

  4. heard this really plenty of times already lor...

  5. aisey , this one too mild liao..must get one more keng one for Wingz....lol

  6. return of alexallied

  7. Ahaha... Good old jokes

  8. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Im from klang k? Klang is not ulu k
    btw rojaks i mentioned you blog in mine. xanga / veekayness

  9. hahaah...recycled also very da funny..this is good stuff la..very relaxing..but scared after i laugh until forget wat i study

  10. alamak. i gotto read 2 times before i un. cis


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