20 May 2007

Bukit Tinggi, Colmar Tropicale French Themed Resort

Warning : Photopost! Freaking Lotsa Photos!!! 56k dialup killa!

Went to Bukit Tinggi French Themed Resort few weeks back with my parents, took lotsa photos and these are some of it.

Colmar Tropicale, RM16 entrance fees per pax

Someone told me those rooms upstairs is actually hotels

Dem got this French feel, its cooling too especially in the morning ... sebijik like pigi Europe ledi!

Feels like in Belgium mia square lidat

Raise the bridge!!!

LA FLAMME - The sign of FOOD!!

Clock tower which they dun allow u to go up wan lol

The sky is blue, very blue

Geese, I m suprised noone catch it and kasi make roast duck lol

Bottom view of the bridge

Black geese with curly feather, you think their meat got dark anot?

Entrace to the village.

Pigeon looking for food

Cotton like clouds formations

Lemon Crepe

Kofi + Sandwich made by mum. Strange place indeed bcoz if u order kopi only they will charge u RM8 but if you order their set which consist of kopi and lemon crepe (pic above) also they charge u RM8 .... =.=""

errr ...

Dance Troop performing

One of the many French themed rest in Colmar Tropicale

This is actually the window to one of the hotel room

View from the tower


Sidewalk cafe

Free transport to Japs Garden

Hillside shot

Japs Garden Welokam sign

Japs Rose

Derno what fawer

Setelobeli (the oni setelobeli i could find in the whole blardee setelobeli farm)

Botanical Garden/forest

Entrance to Not enuff Zen mia Zen garden

Abit Zen mia Jabpenis Zen garden

AH! This one got enuff Zen mia jabpenis Zen garden!

Looks like lumah kampung mia Zen garden

Tatami suite - i heard its RM2,000 a nite! who wanna stay in the middle of no where for 2k??!!

Flags but where is Msia mia?

Stingy peeple drink ise water - RM2

Stingy peeple eats Cheapest food - Pizza RM28

Lehbit farm entrance RM3

One fat juicy lehbit ... good if bbq!

I feel like this donkey after Our trip ... lol

Erm ... its actually not very worth it kambing to this place but since my folks wanna go ... kenot kira so much lar rite?


  1. Hou leng worrr!

    I should do like u for my Sweden pics ... just post pics no need tokkok :P

  2. The 3 performers there wearing french caps ah?

  3. I see lehbit's leh-latives!

    Wakaka :D

  4. Ah I saw rabbitS!! and setelobeli!!!

  5. Looks like a nice place to go to. The food is a little expensive though. I'm not sure why, but your "Fountain" picture reminded me of your "of Roses, Ahlian and Vase" post.

  6. angel : hahaha no ler ... I terpost it even before i added the tokkok part lol ... was too sleepy i guessed

    wiliam leong : karerlehhhh nice to go paktor one leh

    cocka : i think frenchcap but made in mareysia wan lol

    CY : wuah lehbit mia lehlatip also u know! terror!

    lehbit : yar they rare lehbits there and when they are fat n juicy they tangkap and kasi BBQ wan! lol

    10thofMArch : yea its nice dem cooling sommo tho the plice abit expensive but its like a diff place entirely. worth a try tho!

  7. Damn beau tai fu!!!

    Wingz, u just back from oversea!!
    Bkt Tinggi really got oversea feel leh!!

  8. Where is it or wingz?

  9. aha i went there a few times liao... one time wif my dear dear one time wif choir (free nia XD)

    and to be frank lar, nothing much to play lor, go there one day trip ok liao then can finish walk all liao lol... i like da japanese garden lar (even tho very small lol) but very cool and calming :)

    nice pictures of the place tho!! :D must lurve ur camera.

  10. Wei! Use thumbnails lar! Kesian my poor internet connection, now merajuk oledi.

    Apa lar...

  11. Why the last time I went, there weren't so many things to see, heh!

  12. hahaha.. that place shud bring KKP wan lah ... not bring old folks wan lah .. kakaka...

  13. u got pluck the one and only setrobeli for ur little devil anot???

    yish!! roast duck pulak!!! >.<

  14. This place on pic only look nice. But if u go there...damn sorhai wan la ! Go genting better, more piaomeis ! ;-)

  15. wahahahha lehbit meat

  16. So nice pics, The last time I being there probably few years ago. Nothing much to offer then. Maybe now is better. May check it out one day when I am free.

  17. onli lich ppl like can enjoy those places...

  18. kkjman : yea, i especially likes the weather ... cooling!

    sengkiat : Bukit Tinggi Berjaya Hill

    conan cat: yar nothing much to do unless u r an enviromentalist. If u asked me to stay there I will get really bored lol ... my cam? ciplak made in china one wor!

    Cambridge Lokter : this one consider thumbnail ledi wor! anymore thumb-er i gotta nail it myself! lol

    Hongkiat : eh u were just there a few weeks ago rite?

    janicepa : YALA!!! dem cool! bring KKP go sure can raba raba keep warm wan! lol

    huei : oi i got go skool wan hor! tarak pluck pluck setelobeli one hor

    linpeh : Oh coz Genting better la!!!

    daniel: lehbit meat dem tender wan u no?

    flsam : still nothing much to offer .. unless u just wanna lepak around and play golf

    ahnel : RM16 oni wor entrance fees!

  19. wah i see a lot of $$$ signs everywhere...pay pay pay!! nice pic though and commentaries

  20. Fantastic..
    hou leng :)

  21. pathetic place. nothing wan. the hotel rooms, damn ex, rm500 a night for family room. very shabby and smelly


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