23 May 2007

Ahbeng The Sciencetist Wannabe

Ahbeng applied for the post of a junior scientist and during the interview he was asked to perform a study on how frogs reacts to commands under different circumstances.

So, Ahbeng place a frog on the floor and tell the frog to jump. The frog jumps 20 feet ... so Ahbeng fast fast rekod down in his log book

"under normal ciscumstances frog jumps 20 feet"

Ahbeng than cut off one of the frog's leg, place him on the floor and said "jump!". This time the frog jumped a distance of 17 feet. Then Ahbeng wrote in his log book

"cut off one leg frog jumps 17 feet"

He then cuts off another leg and asked the frog to jump again, with 2 legs left the frog still manage to jump a distance of 13 feet. Ahbeng write into his log book

"2 legged frog can jump 13 feet"

Ahbeng then cut off another of the frog's leg, leaving the frog with only 1 leg. The frog were placed on the floor and Ahbeng said "Jump!" and this time the frog managed to jump a distance of 3 feet only. Ahbeng fast fast rekod in his logbook

"1 legged from still can jump 3 feet"

Finally Ahbeng chopped off the frog's last and remaining leg, place the frog on the floor and said "JUMP!" several times and yet the frog will wont more an inch. After several attemtps Ahbeng gave up. Ahbeng goan rekod down into his log book lidis :

"If you cut off 4 of the frog's legs it will go DEAF wan!"


  1. muahahah..no leg bcome deaf..yup..once ah beng forever ah beng!

  2. y cut the legs??? >.<

  3. so long also neva die...

  4. Lol!!!

    I tot frog got 2 legs and 2 hands keh? No meh?

  5. where did ah beng get his phD wan wor?

  6. tis ah beng so clever..

  7. Cha lan dou!!!

    Wingz, ur jokes getting lamer and lamer la...

  8. I want die....

    Cut legs meh...

  9. can made frog porridge liao :D

  10. pengsan oso... fall down until get to b-18...

    zha dou pain pain.......

  11. No 5th leg ah? LOL


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