16 May 2007

Latest Trick on How to Cheat During Exams

No time to blog today but I found this interesting post by my frend Ahboon. Latest Trick on how to cheat during exams! Dem creative one too!

To those of you who is going to take exams soon or taking exams now ... you are advised against doing this. Cheating in exams is not ethical and this post is only meant for entertaiment purposes only.

Wanna know how they actually cheated? Click HERE!


  1. Well... my exams is just around the corner, who knows it's gonna be a wise trick? LOL

  2. lidat canot la, nanti all the teacher cari me up door me ma pokai la!?

    HUH sign in using Google Acc ya??
    laki i still got :p

  3. I very good one. I have not done that before. See my face also know lar. LOL

  4. Cis...we normally put it at the toilet and go there and piss and look la.

  5. This is alerting me to a new methods that my students are going to use in their exams.

    I just don't understand why students would like to take the risk of cheating in the exam. Some say HIGH RISKS, HIGH RETURNS. But also HIGH DANGER of being caught!

    Some educational institutions are very strict on these offenses and students caught cheated during the exam will subsequently suspended for 1 academic year (1 year ler).

    Just be ourself. If we know the answer, try our best. If not sure, then start goreng the answers la. As long as never regret as we did ur best already!

  6. cedric : haha if u scored then kena blanja makan ledi!!!

    gasoon : teacher cari u the u fat dat la! can open tuition center ledi!

    erina: kakaka I thot u kepala hantu lei geh! u sure u never done that b4 anot?

    sasha : wuah put toilet!! terror!! but what if the cubicle got osmeone innit .. then how ar?

    Kai Wah : dun so stress! releks man releks!!!

  7. wingz:
    Where got stress ah....

    Just share my opinion from the standpoint of an exam invigilator, hehehe.

    Aiya...there r lots of tricks tat students can use....once a student wrote the notes on her arms and she wore long sleves jacket lor.....kena tangkap...but the question is how to confiscate the evidence le? Have to take photo of her arms lor as evidence, hahaha.

    Those who use their phones will have their phone confiscated too....but hoh...if after that no more battery, how? especially if need pin no?...hahaha

    macam-macam boleh happen...


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