10 May 2007

Ahbeng Selling His old Car

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I heard this from a frend of mine (Ahsoon) whose job is 2nd hand car salesman, he told me one day one of his frend (Ahbeng) trying to sell his old old car but nobodi wanna buy because the milage is blardee high.

A few months after that he came to my frend for help.

Ahbeng : oi mch! my car still nobody wanna buy la!
Ahsoon : Of coz la! i told u ledi your car mileage too high, peeple dunwan buy one.
Ahbeng : Then how la? I want sell leh ...
Ahsoon : Aiyah! since lu my frend hor ... i kasi help u abit la ...
Ahbeng : How how?
Ahsoon : Nah take this namecard, look for this fler and tell him i rekomen you wan. Tell him you wanna kasi turn back the mileage meter to 100,000km he will know what to do ledi wan.
Ahbeng : Wuah so nice!!! tenkiu wei!

2 weeks later Ahsoon met up with Ahbeng and this conversation took place :

Ahsoon : oi! so how much you sold your car for?
Ahbeng : Not sold ler
Ahsoon : Why? you havent fix the mileage yet?
Ahbeng : I did la!
Ahsoon : Then why not sold?
Ahbeng : Now the mileage so low ledi I sell for what la??!!!
Ahsoon :


  1. siapatu car salesman??? siapa???

  2. yiu!!! y he so darn smart one!!! XD

    turn back milage then the car become "new" oledi ha, then i think my dad shouldn't sell his 1980s proton saga lor!!

  3. haha..ahbeng is right...who gonna sell new car ar...:P

  4. wahahahaha...nice one man! this has made my sunday morning. in office -__-"


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