11 May 2007

When you send your car for Service

9:00 am - you give them they keys and service manual and they tell you "Boss, you go minum first la, later come back take your car"

10:30am - Har? Not even my turn yet??? How long need to wait sommo?
10:35am - Set Alarm on handphone to wakeup at 11:30
11:00am - Started Snoring and salivating on their sofa

11:30pm - *wakeup blur blur wipe saliva off my mouth* WHAT??!!! STILL NOT YET READY???!! MAGEHAI!!! change black oil and oil filter only la!!! You think change engine ka??!! 3 farking hours ledi you know? Enuff time to make a blardee car too!!!

12:02pm - Boss your car ready! @#$#%&^&!!! JIAK SAI LA!!!

Good thing no FREE, FREE thing no good! and u thot its good to get free maintenance when u buy certain cars ar? ptuiii!!!


  1. ha? change motor oil n oil filter also send to ppl ah? I thought that girls do that only n all guys who drive know how to do it?

    hmmm.. i guess i was long...

  2. Wah!!! Your car big n nice loh. Kereta olang kaya...........

  3. hah??? wtf change so simple thing oso need wait so darn long ah, if i'm you i drive to nxt door let another person fix lor = =""

    3 hours u can go to nearby cybercafe online ma hahahaha

  4. Wai kor : under free maintenance mah kena go bek lor!

    erina : dats not my car leh! my car is not in the pic bcoz i paiseh wanna show ... too small lol

    conan_cat: free thing no good, good thing no free!! $%^%@!!! next time i bring maggi go there eat!

  5. Which serbis centre is that ah wingz kor kor? I wanna go there and ask the staffs le, see if they have taken ur picture or video while u were salivating and snoring there. Ahaks!

  6. Ask them to charge you for flee!

  7. >< so long to change oil only... that's why i no send to service centres.. my own known mechanic faster

  8. thats y lar..buy 2nd hand car is good! faster goan find the 2nd hand car salesman!!! kakakkaka

    rabbit! u get the photo liao use to threaten wingz!! then we go sushi king!!! =P

  9. next time leave car & come back in the afternoon to pick up mah..

  10. lehbit : u been watching too much tv la!

    ckyeo : memang flee pun!

    daniel : flee mah ... no choice! if not will void the warranty wan

    huei : wuah lu 2-5 jai!!

    wuching : then kena pay for 2 way taxi liow wor


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