9 May 2007

Sex and Father to be ....

I derno whats with the year of boar and getting piggy as kids but, sure dem lotsa couples are trying for piggy kids this year! Very soon we will have over supplies of piglets in the world edi.

Nevermind that .... as a father of one I m here to tell you about Sex and Pregnancy. I been thru it edi ... so trust me ok?

Now I can safely tell u that there is 3 stages of sex during pregnancy one, it changes every 3 months ...

For the first 3 months you can do it anyway you like la ... as long as u dont get too rough and start playing SM enuff edi.

Once reached 4th month onwards ... only doggy style is safe ... other style is a NO-NO!!! Risky to the baby!

From 7th month onwards, you do it like wolf mia style! HUH? Wolf style orso derno meh??!! NO! wolf style is not related to doggy style wan la!!!

Ok la .. since alot of you derno what is wolf style ... I teach u all la!

Why call wolf style leh? Lidis one geh ... from 7th months onwards hor ...... the only thing you can do is you sit by the HOLE and howls only la!!


  1. I think you have been through that, right? Wakakak...

  2. Aiya, no wolf la, die la, wolf for how long ah, another six to eight months? I think better to milk the cow then, bwhahahaha. Cheers!

  3. Aiyooh.. (=_=)" and I tot wat the heck was wolf style... :P

  4. hahahaha... My poor man !!.. hahaha... According to my doc, he said can have sex even till 9 months wor.. but hv to do it really slow.. no need wolfstyle hahaha...

  5. after natural birth leh? >.<

  6. after 4th month, missionary oso cannot meh???!?!!?!?

  7. TNS!!! Wolf style pulak? You got experience liau hai mai? But hor..... one of my malay friend say hor they also tiew toh luen when they are at 7th mths leh. They say, for natural birth hor,it help to beranak senang wor.

    Huei, after beranak rest for few month lor. Apom sakit liau mah...... hehehe

  8. after attend so many class of guessing, this time clever ard..can guess wolf style is wat..


  9. This got me! LOL~!!! Laughed out too loudly everybody's staring....Hahahah!

  10. bryan : hahaha shhh ... dun so loud!

    joec : wolf only for 3 months only jek lol sabar lar bang! lol

    calvin's wife : kakakaka ... so u also can relates la?

    janicepa : do slow slow boh shiok one wor!!

    huei : after natural birth then its history liow la! lol

    alex : err ... this one u better check with the lokter lol

    erina : kakaka tiew toh luen <-- so funny!!! kakakaka niahma lidat can help natural birth one meh??

    young brat : kakakaka! kanneh u learn well my son!! kakakaka bow kam join me over here at the dark side!

  11. 7 months onwards, every night blowjob oso not bad wat.

  12. Eh who say kenot do during pregnancy...the first 3 months if got bleeding then kenot la..after that do until beranak oso can...this is from medical point of view la..not personal point of view..kakakkaka...

  13. LOL... good lesson

  14. Wahhh....

    VEry very educational!!!


  15. Actually I almost all agree with u except about the wolf part. What my married friend did is to use the other mouth/hole or ask the wife to DIY for him.


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