17 May 2007

Toys for the Most Obidient

Ahbeng is well known for being afraid of his wife one ... One day Ahbeng won a remote control toy car at the supermarket lucky draw contest, but he got 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) at home .... so he dem headache on who he should give the toy to.

Ahbeng went home and called all his kids to the living room :

Ahbeng : Daddy won a toy car at a lucky draw contest today, now since there is only one toy and there are 3of you ... so daddy abit headache.
Son#1 : Gimme daddy gimme!!!
Son#2 :Me daddy me!!!
Doter#3 : Not fair Daddy, I also want!!
Ahbeng : Wuah lidis kenot one leh ... later u all sure fight one, ok ok lidis la ... I will give this toy car to the one :
1.] Who is most obidient to mummy
2.] Who never argued with mummy
3.] and who always do everything she says!
All the kids answer togethet gether : Ok Daddy U won ... u can keep the toy!!!


  1. ah beng.. kena again !!

  2. so..no wonder u always get to keep ur toys lar!!! =P

  3. Huei - you sudah korek his secret out liau lor.

    Wingz- that is a good one to laugh at. Macam ini lar? No need to feel bad over certain things. Cheer up, brother!!! The next time, if we got any free toy, I shall try your method or get my hubby to do it. See can work or not.

  4. Hahaha. Lucky I got one child so he get everything that I won. In this case, draw lot lah.

  5. yealor... huei korek wingz pinya secret liao XD no wonder wingz got alot toys at home hahhaa...

    if my dad ask me same question i think my dad also will win for sure lor...

  6. Nice one! Never thought of that answer... lol. I would have won that prize too if I were you. Girlfriend garang wei.


  7. Ladies, are we that fierce meh? Come on, give some support here. Sometimes, man can also like us mah, rite?

  8. obedient. not obidient. hahaha..


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