8 May 2007

Why Phone Bill So Kaw?

This is a true story but the name of the actual character aredi changed to plotek the innocents.

Ahbeng is living with his wife and son plus a maid of coz ... nowadays who can live without a maid wan? Other than me lar of coz!

I was having a yum char tok kok session with Ahbeng when he told me his last month phone bills for his house is dem high.

Ahbeng : Niahma i tell u har, that day I look at the phone bill and dem tulan becoz this month i kena RM500!!

Me : Wuah! you call those find a frend 600 numbers izzit? if not why so high?!

Ahbeng : No la! I also tulan see the phone bill so high, then I called for a family meeting and see whois using the phone la.

Me : Then then?

Ahbeng : First I said to them lidis la :-

Ahbeng : Oi I tell lu all! this month phone bill so high and I have not even touch the phone for so many months edi, most of the time i will use the phone in the my work place to make calls ... so who use wan?

Ahlian (wife) : I orso mah! I also using the phone in the opis to call my frends wan! Last month i think i no use house phone also.

Ahuat (son) : Me too! all the while i was using my company handphone to make calls wan! Company pay mah ... but if we all no use then who use?

Maid : Sir ... Madam .... I learn from you all also leh! I too has been using the phone at my work place to call back to my kampung in Indon.

: Kanneh! She learn fast LOL!

Maids .... are they reducing our burden or they are adding to it huh?


  1. heheh she learnt well.

  2. kakkakka eh u wana hire maid ka?

  3. bwhahaha, man tat was a goooood one, next thing you know the maid tapau the company's food and fittings mah, cuz every one brings home company things, Cheers!

  4. My fren told me he always go to his opis to shit wan. Like that he no need to buy toilet paper and use more water at home woh. Keke...

  5. Hmm... butler also mau ka?

  6. hahaha.. the maid so cleber..

  7. O-O"

    Ahbeng should get a "smarter" maid. Now all indon maid know where to buy IDD callcard lah!!!! Hiyor.

  8. Wahhh like that also can ar!!!

    Now days maid very very clever jor...Dun play play!!!

    So wingz...u getting maid ar?

  9. Wakaka. My maid doesnt do that. She's like running away from her home, even when the parents call her too she doesnt really like answering the calls.

  10. Put pad lock on the phone ler, enable only number 9 + 1 and autodial buttons. XD

  11. i think i must learn this too.

  12. sasha : she got the best sifu to teach her wan lol

    huei : i wanna hire french maid oni!!

    joec : hahaha ... nx thing u know, you have enuff stuffs to assemble a desk exactly like the one u have in the opis! lol

    bryan : not only u get free toilet paper and water u also will be getting paid for shitting! lol

    daniel : butler mau apa abang?

    janicepa : when u want hire maid jek?

    moo_t : FU_YOH! your maid dem canggih ledi!

    kkjm : I no marney to get maid laa ... can sponsor ka?

    rabbit : lucky lar u dapat maid lidat!

    chapree : kakaka want put pad lock mehh? later they goan learn how to pick lock how?

    mossie : kakakaka kanneh lu wanna bekam maid izzit?

  13. sincei jobless now, become maid oso no problem. u wanna hire me? I work 8 hours/week. SGD3k minimum. OT i charge 100SGD/hour. Everymonth i get 3 days paid leave. amajiam? hire me arnot?


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