28 May 2007

The older you get the younger you will bekam

One day inside this old folks home, 2 old wood (Linpeh and Cocka) were having a conversation :

Cocka : Linpeh .... i tell u har ... I 83 yrs old ledi and my body almost kondem ledi! Everyday I wakeup here pain there pain ... mch! I derno how long my body can last till i kiok .... You have this problem anot Linpeh?
Linpeh : No wor!! My body feels dem chun!
Cocka : Dem chun?
Linpeh : YAR! feel like new body lidat!
Cocka : How new?
Linpeh : Like Newborn baby lidat!
Cocka : How kam?
Linpeh : Because My body met with all the criterias of a newborn baby lor.
Cocka : Like what?
Linpeh : Like .... Botak, Toothless and I just wet my pampers!


  1. Sorhai ! Where got so old ?

  2. linpeh where got old jek!
    already say baby like mah~

  3. lol! lin peh use pampers untuk kanak-kanak dewasa eh? =P

  4. hahaha...
    if pampers no good, can use drypers or mamy poko also

  5. Still got human live until so old meh? Toothless mah good lar, no need to used toothpaste mah. Save cost. Pampers .........hehehe.... to save cost use the one from Tesco lar.

  6. what a good jokes...!!.
    Lin peh the latest victim.. ..lol

  7. lmfao! now that's a good thinking, i should tell that to my dad XD

  8. Linpeh!! Linpeh!! Shit!!! Can some one change the batteries of his hearing aid??


  9. linpeh use wut size mia pampers?? =P

  10. lin peh lou mong tong adi.....
    going to be condemned!!

  11. Remember...must use Dr.P!!! The trusted brand in Malaysia... wuahahahahaha


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