4 May 2007

Why Women can be a better Soldier?

You know ... if you got watch CNN wan, you will be able to see this overly covered Amadikan Soldiers in Iraq mia segment being shown everyday.

Once a while i saw in the news there is also women soldiers in Iraq also! Last time i always ask myself la ... WTF they doing there la? Women can fight in war meh? Women can kill meh? Can fire guns meh? Can throw granade meh?

Actually all my answers are answered today during yum char session with Linpeh. I was asking Linpeh the same question.

Me : Why they sent those women soldiers to Iraq har? they can fight meh?
Linpeh : WUAH??!!! you blardee joking with me rite?
Me : No! i really doubt they could kill la!
Linpeh : You know how they train those women soldiers in Iraq one anot?
Me : How?
Linpeh : Each platoon of women soldiers will be given one men leader, the leader will then tell them what to do wan.
Me : So? that still dont explains how those women are trained in the art of combat what?
Linpeh : Mch! where got art of combat la?! this is all phsycology game only.
Me : Ok elaborate more pulez!
Linpeh : You see all these women soldiers will be given basic training at the camp but the killing part are not actually taught to them yet. They will be given that killing skill on the battlefield.
Me : How is that possible when they are alredi in fear? how to kill lidat?
Linpeh : Ah! this is where the Male leader plays an important role .... whenever the leader see any enemies he will tell all his girls lidis :
"you see those terrorist over there? just now i overheard their radio conversation with their HQ ... they said u all look dem fat in those uniform"

So you see .. now you know why they are sending women soldiers to Iraq la?!!!


  1. hahahha
    i tot they use women to attract men's attention..hmm

  2. .........................

    linpeh must be one of the terrorist that talk in the ladio!!

  3. XD

    yalor i oso tot use to seduce man.. mana tau use man as the biggest bait plak... kakkaa

  4. ooohhhh.... lidat wan ah.. i somemore thot they go and let the male soldier screw so they won't be so boring.

  5. hahaha..nice 1..i was thinking they would use it to seduce or let those soldier *ehem ehem* tim..

  6. choi ahpek. Y u so humsap one. Wings - nei sure moh this is what they do.

  7. kNiLb6:58 pm

    you bright up my dae with this

  8. Like that also can? Must be Linpeh said that and kena whack b4... LOL

  9. I think telling them " Sale! 90% off!" more effective la..

  10. LOL, nasty leader weh...

  11. spike5:54 am

    actually, they are a secret weapon used only once a month....when the red mist develops...they unleash them with every conceivable weapon available. They are the best shock troops to use....no mercy at all one....

  12. i think they (woman) will shoot like there will be no tomorrow.....


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