24 May 2007

Candy Domdom

The world is changing, now consumers wanna be more pampered. They dont care whether its more expensive or the value they received is not at par with the money they are paying.

If you are a fan of Jabpenis cookies in their cute cute box you will know that the box is actually more expensive than the cookie itself. This is the trend in the world today, consumers put more importance into outlook rather than the content itself.

In other words, its ok to bruff consumer with fancy fancy packaging just as long as they are willing to buy la!

Looks like the condoms industries also know about this and to outsell each other, they beginning to introduce creative packaging into their products.

You can see below, some samples of the condoms packed in the form of lollipops and candies .... almost good enuff to be eaten.

This kinda packaging would defnitely be great as gifts but do we really wanna pay that much for fancy packaging? We consumer are a bunch of suckers arent we? lol!


  1. Wah!!! Mana lu dapat this one har? Can buy and give out as gift also leh. Hmm.......... not a too bad idea hor?

  2. ahhaha i saw before lor~ at i need shop i think, and well...

    wan use condom then use lar! use liao also throw de lar use so pretty one for woot??? ma also same baggy for didi nia...

    comsumer world is all about selling ideas. all condoms are the same, it's just how you are selling the idea of the condom :)

  3. We all eat with our eyes...

  4. the new favourite candy amongst children

  5. u selling isittt? =P

  6. Then the shop should put this:

    Nice to see,
    Nice to hold,
    Once broken,
    You are busted.

    Pack so nice for wat le? When wanna use, still wanna slowly, gently open meh. Haiz.


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