30 May 2007

French Idol Nouvelle Star - Joseph Beatbox

I tarak watch those wat wat idol or wat wat singing kontest mia, why? becoz all those show are pretty much the same. Singing dancing and judging, and of coz you also gotta see lotsa William Hung wannabe la! Whois William Hung? where you been?

Then again once a while you sure to get some unique talent showing up in shows lidis. In French Idol (Nouvelle Star) there is this Joseph guy whois a french apparently .... This guy is unique, very unique, he got into the fench idol without much singing!

Nicknamed Joseph Beatbox, this 21 yrs old chubby french guy can make all sorta sound with his mouth, there is a few videos below for your viewing pleasure, watch and be amazed!

I derno whether he made it to the final anot but I do think hes very unique compares to the others and he definitely got higher value as a contestant compares to those who just know how to sing and dance.

With frend like him, who need walkman?


  1. I wanna friend like him..haha..
    really like radio..can make a lot sound /music through his mouth

  2. no matter how many times i watch and listen to this guy, i am still amazed. awesome stuff.

    as what u said, who needs walkman and a DJ man!! the night clubs can cut back on cost of audio equipments. hahaha


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