17 March 2008

Wingz go Nuffnang Pajama Parteh!

I arrive quite late bcoz I shy ler .... I sked if i go erly erly then ppl see me they will ask "Uncle ... you company your son kam party ah?" wah lau eh!! malu man!!!


When I arrive I was greet by 2 familiar face it was Robby and YeeHou then after registration they asked me to goto find this 3 kinky girls and get my tag .... while i m getting my tag the maid and the policegirl spank my ass!!! I was SHOCKED!!! .... I looked at the polisgirl with a very serious face and said "Can you please do it again but hit me harder this time?" She burst into luffters and she pull me into somewhere more discreet and gimme some really good spanking!! TENKIU Polisgirl!!! I LAP YEW!!! :P

After much spanking The first fler I met at the party is Edison Chen! He came in a mask becoz he dunwan peeple to recognise him! He also passed to me some really juicy piktures ... those you dont get to see online wan!

Then i met fehmes blogger FA and Kidchan ... FA with her signature post kena cut by kidchan.

Kidchan, Suan and The Chipster Dude .... Davidlian its easy to remember his name bcoz this Ahbeng got Ahlian mia name! LOL! ... anyway this farker won a Nitendoh Wii ok?!!! Mai pray pray!

His KKC there got write HOT n SPICY wei!!!

Kidchan Getting lucky!!!

I swear to god ... this pikture not I take wan! FA took this pic becoz she dem adores that polisgirl mia ass!!!

Sekailer, FA, Pink Pao n Kidchan

Bend over you bitch-es!



The super chipchick girl!!!

Boss of the day! Tim and Ming

It is TEH BEST PARTY with lotsa free booze, free food, mata to cucis and lotsa great prizes won by nuffnangers I dunno bout you guys but I m already looking forward to the next nuffnang party ledi!


  1. I phook kai after the party ended ler... that's why I was ok when u saw me maa... :)

  2. wingz, why no pic of u on the post?how can?must show ur hensem face mah..i saw you from top.wakakaka..me chilling upstairs.hehehe..

  3. uncle wingz...don tipu la...i can see tht guy u so call "edison chen" in optimus prime mask is kidchan lo...see the baju...same..
    and the police girl really giv u good spanking meh?not u giv her good spanking ah?lol

  4. Hah, didn't quite expect to see you there. Without reason though, my expectations. Heh.

    Eh white king kong, the link sudah salah. You double linked me sia!

  5. oi brader next time come out more laaa yum char or something. don't need to wait till big event only see ur butt.

  6. lolz. . .. . lu punya post buat gue gelak mampus bro.

  7. haha, really enjoyed the registration moment. "Can you do that again and spank me harder?" Lol

  8. Wah! Polic gurl very hot! I don't mond getting samam from her! What is her blog!

  9. police backside photo very hot.. :P *wiping saliva.. you should spank her instead of letting her do it on you hahahaha!

  10. Yii..how cum tak nampak u geh...

  11. Hi :) Nice to meet you - now I understand why you were not sitting down! ;)

  12. Kawan, already updated my post to thank you for taking my picture with YapThomas.

  13. you go there as wat?

    jabba the hut kar?

  14. Damn... I missed out so many things while I'm in Dubai... Unfair la...


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