8 March 2008

Today Vee Play God ....

Once everi 5 (faif) years ... we gets to play god (then after dat we bekam kuli) so, treasure this chance .... for this rare opportunity only kam once every 5 (faif) years ..... for what we choose today ... we kena bear with it for anoder 5 (faif) years befoh we gets the one chance to play god again ... how many 5 (faif) years more does a man got?

So use this day wisely .... if u think u not wise enuff ... then ask someone whom you think is wiser to help lu or you can read my eBook called "Voting for SOHAIs"!

May the force be with lu ..... to all Good Candidates I wish you Gud Lark!

May god have mercy on all Malaysians ... gibe us good leaders for the next 5 (faif) years!

Tenkiu .....


  1. Yes Yes... Today, we play God...

    Mari kita gunakan Jedi Force to make the change!!!

  2. Damn!!! I haven't register yet, I also wanna become god a day just 2 wipe out those bugger's ass

  3. eh itu wundi box old pashion mia la. our country spent 50milion to purchase a ratest technology, so that this erection can e more transpalent la!

    Maraisia apa pun boleh!!!!!

  4. lolz hhahhaha play god muahahahhaha


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