7 March 2008

My First eBook - Voting For Sohais

Due to the fact that erection is just around the korner .... I was actually surfing the web looking for a guide on Voting and Erection in our country BUT .... its no where to be found!

I kenot briff it! All these hypes ... ceramah here .. debate there BUT nobodi write any book teaching peeples how to vote??!!!

Then I see the money making opportunity of a lifetime! (ok la not lifetime la ... money making opportunity of every 5 years la!) so i kamout my own Ebook on Voting and Erection in Mareysiah!

In Amadika got such a book and they call it ..... Voting for Dummies!

Voting for Dummies!

Buden this is Mareysiah you see ... so kenot use the word Dummies la ... then i think .. think n think more ... then I got this i-dear for my new eBook on voting and erection in Mareysiah!

The name of my book is Voting for Sohais!!! This book is gonna be the top 10 best seller this year ... inside i got put majiam majiam guidance and charts on how to make money during erection and how much you should be making doing different kinda jobs ... from carrying banners to fetching voters in your mat rempit bikes! All dark dark secret also got reveal!

Like how more than 30 flers whois older than 120 yrs old still can vote this year! Learn about their secret to longevity!!! Must be tongkat Ali i tell u! Sure wan!

The longevity tips is only one small part of what you will be getting to read in this eBook ... there are many juicy stuffs and freebies too!!! The amount of freebies you can get in this eBook far exceed the price you pay for the book itself! Actually ... if you kira that way rite ... this eBook is free!! Its paying for itself!!! After buy this book ledi u will learn how to get free t-shirt and caps, and button basges and banners and flags and posters and mineral waters, and pens and notepads etc etc etc ....

The best part is ... you also get to makan free!!! Listed in this eBook is a chart where all the victory parties will be held celebrating their winning in the Erection! All this top secret wan I tell u! Only available in my Ebook call Voting for Sohais!!!

After so mehnee prebiu .... i dunwan drag your time liow ... here i present to you .. the first eBook by Rojaks Daily .... VOTING for SOHAIs

Voting for Sohais! ... click on the image for clearer pikture!

To place an order ... please call the number on your screen now! the first 1,908,456 callers will get this eBook deliver to your doorstep completely FOC!!! (eh wait ... eBook no nid delivery one hor? LOL!) or you can type SOHAI and SMS to 8811967 ... each SMS will be charge RM345,678.90

What you waiting for? Fast fast get this eBook befoh it is sold out la!!! Limited edition wei! Mana mau cari?!!!

P.S. : U kena click on the front cover pikture and zoom kaw kaw then only you will get the joke wan ok?


  1. *clap clap clap*

    Congratulations on publishing this fantastic guide to voting! Gimme free copy, can?

  2. Wah, I download also server jammed up. Then I used bittorrent also full. Haiya. No choice but to read the cover onli liao.

    HA ha ha ha ha!


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