5 March 2008

Story from a Ahbeng Voter

This story i heard from my Ahbeng frend telling me his previous voting experience.

So 5 yrs ago he go to vote la ... the upon arriving at the voting station he goan do checking whether his name is there anot ... then he see there is one empty counter which belongs to PAS one tarak olang there ... he fast fast go there to check la.

When he presented his IC that fler check and confirmed that he can vote at that place ... then the PAS fler hand him back his IC and tell him lidis ....

PAS fler : Bang! Vote ini ok? Vote bulan mia! *while pointing at the PAS logo like the one below*

Ahbeng : Tak bleh ... tak Bleh .... Aku sapot DAP mia!

PAS fler : Bang ... ini bagus bang! Locket tarak best la bang!
Ahbeng : Salah lar lu! Locket ka bulan ka .. sama saja!
PAS fler : Mana sama bang?
Ahbeng : Kalo tarak Locket you think can goto bulan anot?!!
PAS fler :sweating


  1. good la bruder, kontinew yr gud werk

  2. Anonymous9:01 pm

    HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...Good ONE...It's gettting too serious....

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~my fren also say tht to the customer...the customer PAS supporter...the whole blady ppl in kajang eon workshop is DAP mia supporter...he say same thing to customer also...i laugh till no strength hold spanar...mana tau ur ahbeng fren also say tht...

  4. nia sing.. this is good !!


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