3 March 2008

Ahbeng's Lokters Politicians Jokes

If you derno yet .... we the Ahbengs breed is everywhere now. We got Ahbengs Loyars, got Ahbeng Businessman, got Ahbengs engineers, got Ahbengs singer and Even got Ahbengs Lokter!

So the other day 5 Ahbeng Lokters is having a yum char session at the local kopitiam in their pagoda singlet and ahpek shorts .... the conversation goes lidis wan ....

Lokter 1 : Out of so many operations i do hor ... I like accountant wan! They very neat wan u know? U cut them open kan ... allt he organs got numbers wan! So easy to do!

Lokter 2 : Diu! You wrong la! Last time I operate this librarian lagi best! All the organs is arranged in alphabetical order wan! Then got index sommo!!! Better than your accountant ler!

Lokter 3 : Diu! u both also wrong! I cut one wireman befoh ... wah lau eh! his inside hor .. all color coded wan leh! so kalerful! no nid to sked cut the wrong kaler!

Lokter 4 : I like constructions werkers leh! .... my client all big constructions kompeni and they all veli understanding one leh! Everytime I operate longer than planned hours and charge them extras .. they also no make noise u know?!

Lokter 5 : Niahma! You all jiaksai la! Dun come blow water with me ok? my patients all politicians and they are the best patients in the whole wide world!

Lokter 4 : Har? Niahma lar! Who u wanna bruff?

Lokter 5 : Niahma! Bruff you for what? Politicians is the easiet to operate wan! You open them up ... inside got no heart, got no spine got no guts wan! The best part is .... the head and the butt can change place wan! Totally compatible wan! so if the head pain that time ... just siwth the butt over la! Mana mau cari this kinda patient??!!!


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