4 March 2008

Ah Beng Bargaining

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away, Ah Beng's mama always tell him to get the best price for everything. Make sure you bargain for it.

So, one day, Ah Beng went to a market with lots of Fleas to look see look see. Then he found this book that he really liked. The price for it was RM2.50. Looking at the condition of the book and remembering what his mama said, he started to bargain for the book with the owner.

Ah Beng opened price at RM1.50 but the owner protested and said that it was a very rare book. However, Ah Beng was clever and countered by saying the condition was not good, plus it has a few scribbles here and there. After a very long, like half an hour long, bargaining, the owner finally relented and agreed to sell it at RM1.50.

Happily and ready to celebrate his prowress in bargainin, Ah Beng took out RM5 from his wallet and said "Here, keep the change!"


  1. siao lan siao lan......

  2. WTF .. wats de point to bargin in de firsdt place ... LMAO

  3. zzzz.....bird flying over


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