9 March 2008

Now That Selangor is No Longer Under BN ...... What is the most important changes you wish to see?

I just kambek from a yumchar mamak session with a few of my member toking bout the election results and all those stuffs when suddenly this AhTan asked us this ....

AhTan : Eh .. my frend just called .. he said Selangor no more under BN ledi!
Ahbeng : WUAH! Selangor also jialat ka?
Me : Oi dun spread rumors hor!
AhTan : Real one! U dun briff later you gobek and see internet la!
Me : No nid gobek see la ... here i also can check with my HTC TyTn la!

I also on my HTC and go online to dig for infos ... after a while i found what i was been looking for ....
Pic source : The Star

Me : Wuah real one wor! Selangor no more under BN liow wei! Selangor got 49 state seats ... opposition alredi won 29 wor!
AhTan : See?! See?! i no bruff you wan geh!
Ahbeng : Eh ... ask u both har ... if let you choose what kinda changes you wanna see in Selangor ... what would it be ar?
Me : I wanna see more polis stesen yang mempunyai polisman inside wan! not the empty pondok polis type ok?
AhTan : I tell you hor ... the changes I dem wanna see is .... no more corruption especially in my kampung klang there!!
Me : Ahbeng .... u leh? what kinda changes you dem wanna see in Selangor wan?
Ahbeng : the most changes I wanna see that Istana Zakaria kena roboh!!! You think possible anot ar? kakakakakaka!!!
Me : Diu! that one u kena ask the next chief minister la! u ask us for what?!


  1. Hey Loyak,

    I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and I gotta tell ya'... Man I like and enjoy your wittiness and naughtiness! Keep it up dude! May be one day I can join your yumcha too!


  2. From Selangor up to Kedah no longer BN lor... Wakakaka

  3. that mr zakaria just passed away this morning

  4. no nid to rebuh iao. He go to holland ledi!


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