14 March 2008

How to make Puffy Seliper for Nuffnang Pajama Party

This post is overdue for long long time edi ... thanks to the erection fever and other work related matters la!

Anyway .... one day i was blog hopping and I kam to this Lenglui blog call Geek Goddess and she was blogging about where to get cute puffy slipper 4 nuffnang pajama party and it suddenly strike me! I got this idea to make a cheap disposable puffy seliper that you can use for one night and then throw it away ... or you can even recycle it if you want!

Tools and material required to make Cheap disposable/recycable Fluffy Seliper :
  1. Sanitary Pad/ Yee Mah Kan (2nd mader towel)
  2. Glue gun (dun use human made white glue! they wont stick long wan!)
  3. Bling bling shit for pondans/ahkuas/girls - deco purpose
  4. dabel sided tape

Sanitary pads ... any brand will do ... got wings also can without wings also can! If you are a guy and u derno where you can get this sanitary pad .... you could ask lu eh gerpren or wife or sistas or can even ask your mader ok? If neighbour is women can ask also! Just dun ask your grandma ... she prolly no use sanitary pad anymore .... why? you got heard of menapause b4 anot wan?

If got wings then u kasi fold up the wings 1st la! .... unless you going skydiving then u might need the extra "wings" if not pulez fold it up wokeh?

Then u take anoder piece of Yee Mah Kan and fold it like in the pikture, this piece is to make the cover wan.

Then you fold it up lidis .... the pikture shown above is the back of the seliper ok? not the front! den u use dabel sided tape to stick the cover to the seliper base la!

Then you plug in your glue gun and you use it to stick those bling bling stuffs on your seliper (for girls oni la! .... guys dun stick no shit on seliper ok??!)

Viola! you got yourself a fluffy/puffy seliper for the nuffnang pajama party tomolo night! And after the party you could still recycle it for your menses .... if you still havent wet it yet la!

Now ... anoder money savings chun tips from Rojaks Daily! See you at the party ok?


  1. See u at the PJ party!! make sure u come with those slippers ah...

    Oooh i got a question. I don't use pad, I use tampons... tampons can make slippers not???

  2. lolz . . .. . . . . . . . .

  3. hhaha cool slippers.


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