31 March 2008

Change Yo Lifestyle la!

Last time, every Sunday morning me n my wife will bring Little Devil go out makan blekfas wan but beginning March we stopped doing that edi.


I still remembered our last blekfas in this kopitiam somewhere in bandar baru ampang .... this is what I told my wife ...

Me : eh ... wheres the change from the wantan noodle? I wanna pay drinks leh
Wife : What change? she give back how much only? where got enuff to pay for drinks?
Me : Huh? Wantan meen is how much now?
Wife : RM4.50 each!
Me : HARRR?!!! WTF?!!! Last time my mum sell wantan meen that time only RM1.50 per plate!
Wife : You eat rice derno rice plice la!

Then I ask the kopi fler how much is the drinks la ....

Me : How much?
Bangla Kopi Fler : RM2.50
Me : HAR?!!! 1 teh ais and 2 air kosong RM2.50??!!! Got kira salah anot?!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Korek boss ... Teh Ais RM1.50 and air kosong is 50 sen each .. so RM2.50 la
Me : Air kosong is 50sen each??!!!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Yes boss ...
Me : plain water is 50sen each??!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Yes boss ...... u dun briff u ask my taukeh la

All in all that day i spent RM16.50 on blekfas for 3 in a kopitiam. This is not kopibin or starfark kopi ok? this is the local Ahbeng kopitiam oni! If you count lidis .... family of 3 every morning go kopitiam eat blekfas for 30 days a month it will cost you :

RM16.50 x 30 days = RM495.00

Thats just blekfas ok? if 3 meals a day also eat outside ... then

495.00 x 3 meals = RM1,495.00

a month on meals alone!

This is exclusive on house installments/rents, rokoks, teh tarik at mamak, karaoke, groceries shopping, skool fees, electrisiti bills, water bills, phone bills, car installments, insurans bla bla bla bla bla ...

If lidis kira kalo ... how much money do you think is required? Lidis 9hai la! RM5libus also not enuff!! Thats why i told my wife edi ... we no more makan outside from that point onwards! In order to keep on living we must change our lifestyle! We eat at home and we really need to stock up on foodstuffs!

Hence we bought ourself these ....

One month supply of instant noodle!

I briff I m not alone in this ... alot of ader peeple also kena jialat lidis .. especially those who got family wan lagi 9hai!

So change your lifestyle! Ubah Gaya Hidup! Downgrade! dunno how to change lifestyle? Watch the video below la!

Will have to start shopping for 2nd hand bicycle ledi ... safe money mah!

So if you see my brog got ads rite .. pls click abit to sapot my Maggi Cintan Mee Fund ok? Tenkiu!

What is gonna happen if price keep going up lidis ar? RM10 for a cup of kopi in kopitiam? RM35 bucks for a plate of wantan meen? .... *SIGH* ....


  1. I'm eating bread with the bak kua from CNY.

  2. good post!

    no kidding wei, roti canai one piece selling for rm 12.80!! can die.

    dining @ malaysian cafe rumours

  3. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Thank god , the price in penang still ok . Not as bad as KL. I went to KL recently , close eye also need to spent RM10 for decent meal.

  4. tht video abit sala...MOTORBIKE no need to pay tol...shud say tol naik dulu baru minyak...

    but lucky i nvr drive to work mia...i jog to work...can be morning exercise and training for my muay thai...muahahahahaha..


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