23 March 2008

Sunday go Kopitiam with Nice View for Blekfas

Water front view with fishes swimming in the 'river' ... nice aromatic coffee in the moAning .... cool breeeze blowing against our face... where we find this chun place for sunday moAning blekfas? its at Uncle John kopitiam in mines shopping mall!

Uncle John Kopitiam, mines wonderland.

See the view? which kopitiam got this kinda view wan u tell me?!

Little Devil Feeding the Fish at Uncle John Kopitiam

cheap and delicious coffee and blekfas ... and not forgetting .. FREE WIFI! mana mau cari?! ngam for Ahbeng familee like meW


  1. This place called MINES shoppin mall
    ki ki ki

    yeah yeah yeah

  2. There's one in Jusco, Metro Prima, Kepong too. I like the curry mee. One thing is it don't have many choices in term of food.

  3. water clean or not ? no BAU meh ?

  4. ur kid super cute lah !!!! =D


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