10 March 2008

Talk with to the World with iTalk

Moji? What Moji? Mojo Jojo I know lar since my Lil Devil got once a while watch the cartoon. Moji is actually a Virtual Intelligent Pet. It had its own artificial intelligence, so it can talk and converse with me when I cannot see anyone online to talk to. Hey, I can talk to my pet one you know.


Meet the Moji

Just like any virtual worlds, I can decorate my Moji pet with items and accessories. To get your own Moji pet, sign up the iTalk Buddy. It has more than just Moji pet but other features as well. Driven by the market today for unified communication, the brings the best from all the similar technology like virtual world (with Moji), instant messenger such as MSN Live Messenger, and Voice Over IP (VoiP) like offered by Skype.


It is all can be found inside the iTalk Buddy, a combination of all the great stuff from iTalk and whatever you can find from the power of Internet.

First of all, I need to download the iTalk Buddy and install it into my computer. It took me quite fast since the file size is only 25mb. Just comparing it to the *ahem* movies you downloading. The installation part is very easy. Even my Lil Devil also knows. Just click only can already. After the installation, I had to go through the installation process.

iTalk Buddy got this Buddies and Groups features that allows me to find the nearby buddies, grouping them according to AhBeng or AhLian category. Haha..And those stalkers can be blacklisted too. So you no need to worries about being disturbed anytime.

It also allows me to use my PC to call any mobile number at a cheaper rate. I call my customers in Australia, and the States with very cheap price. I recall calling to one customer in the Perth for awhile and it costs me on RM3.08. Very cheap like this where to find?


There is also this Offline Services (SON) that allows a community portal to be accessible from offline and online environment. Using it, I can create a Local Area Network just like using VPN, to do meeting with my partners. Both of us share the same screen while in the meeting. This is very good when it comes to discussion because I no need to fly all the way to their countries everytime got meeting. Like that travel can pokai one you know? Thus just pay additional RM2.50 a month; i got unlimited internet & screen sharing.

Another good part about this iTalk Buddy is the ability to self heal itself. I no need to care about whether my DiGi line got or not, it will self organize itself whenever it detect networks, heals the broken links and optimize itself. Therefore, whether offline or online environment also the same. It is transparent to me.


Last but not least, there will be this mobile blogging from iTalk in the Phase 2. But I can't wait for them to launch it to try it out. I heard they tell me that iTalk Buddy is a local made instant messaging system. There are also support forums in the official site and most of the question still not being answered. Yet, the numbers of users are growing day by day. These prove that there are plenty of supports from our local users.

So what are you waiting for... fast fast go sign up today and get your own Mojikan!

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