25 March 2008

Where In The World Is Mat Selamat??!!!

Before the story begins ... its very important that you get this part before you read the rest of the story ... if not later u wont understand the joke wan! In our beautifool country we got mehnee mehnee race living under one roof .... we got malays, indians and chainis! .... Lemme tell lu how we call our malay comrades. If his name is Mat Shah then we will call him Shah or if his name is Abdul Rahim then we will call him Rahim .... gedit?

One day (right after the Mat Selamat escape from Sinkapoh jail incident) 3 Ahbeng (Linpeh, Cocka and Ahdale) were having yum char session at their faberet joint ... The "SETARBAK KOPI"!!! they are toking about Mat Selamat mia case .... the conversation goes lidis wan ...

Ahdale : Eh .. u got heard about Mat Selamat run away from jail in Sinkapoh ledi?
Cocka : I got! I got! I stay johor wan of coz i got la! I got read in the internet hor .. that fler run to batam indon ledi wor! I think kenot catch him la! They taruh his pics everywhere big big .... lidat also ha can run ... terror lar that Mat Selamat!

Linpeh : Not only that! they make mugshots of his piktures and they included all his possible disguise also leh! .... nah i show u pikture u see for yourself la!

Cocka : Wuahhh ... got one disguise got look like Phuah chu kang wan leh!
Ahdale : I think he is more Phuah Chu Kang than Phuah Chu Kang himself leh!
Cocka : Eh ... u think this fler alredi arrive at Jakarta ledi anot by now?
Linpeh : Farkiu la! Go Jakarta for what la??!!!
Cocka : If not Jakarta then go where?
Linpeh : Kam Malaysia la!
Ahdale : Kam Malaysia for what?
Linpeh : Bcoz we inbite him to kam mah!!!
Ahdale : Where got inbite him to kam?! who inbite him to kam??!
Linpeh : I dunno who la ... but there is a big big sign board at the Johor imigrsen departmen there big big inbite him to come to Malaysia wan!
Cocka : Niahma! dun bruff la! The sign board say what wan?!!
Linpeh : They signboard say hor ... "SELAMAT, DATANG KE MALAYSIA" lah!

Cocka & Ahdale :KAKAKAKAKA!!!! luffing

Note : Tenkiu Cely for letting me abuse your ORI post lol


    if he really comes here also no bardi knows...cos THEY HUANAKIA ALL LOOK A LIKE!!!


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