22 May 2008

Whats the Max Speed for Sex?

One day Ahbeng and his frend eat full ledi waiting for shit to come .... sit down tok kok n sing song . Then suddenly Ahbeng mia frend Ahock asked this question ....

Ahock : Eh ... what is the fastest speed for sex ever recorded ar? Guiness book or rekod got say anot?
Ahbeng : Diu! that one no nid refer Guiness book of world rekod I also know the answer la!
Ahock : Ah?? Sure boh? you abit gong gong lidt suddenly so cleber one meh?
Ahbeng : farkiu la! I not gong kia ok? this is call pretend pig eat tiger u no?!!
Ahock : ok la ok la ... then u tell me what is the fastest speed for sex ever recorded la!
Ahbeng : Aiyo this one very easy la! Its 68km/h lor!
Ahock : Har? apasal 68km/h? why not 100km/h? 200km/h?
Ahbeng Niahma! say u no sexperience u dun briff! MAx speed for sex is 68km/h oni la! when u reach 69 then u kena turn around ledi!
Ahock : Wuahahahahahaha!!!! Farkiu la!


  1. also correct! 69 sure turn back!

  2. sharon (^.^)11:24 pm


    but good one la!

  3. Good joke for the start of my Friday..

  4. Hahahaha, turn around already still can go what.. =P

  5. mat 7 lei geh? i dont really get what u mean larh. 6769..... aiyah.

  6. lol... how about after 69? shoot till moon ar?

  7. Anonymous2:30 pm

    nice joke arh....69 sex position


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