9 May 2008

Phuiyo! Standoff at Mahkota Cheras!

I Was driving to work this morning and heard from the radio that there were some commotion happening at the barricaded road in Bandar Mahkota Cheras but not much details were mentioned the DJs just said there were tear gas fired and water cannon being used, nothing much after that.

Unaware of the whole situation I kambek to opis and goan read The Star this is what i found ...

KAJANG: Four people were picked up after they demonstrated at Bandar Mahkota, Cheras, due to road works being carried out at a traffic light junction leading to the area.

The demonstration which saw about 1,000 people, mostly residents from the nearby areas, gathering from 4pm to stop the work conducted by workers.

The protesting crowd played a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities until 10.30pm when the situation worsened.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng pulled the plug of a generator before standing in front of a water cannon to prevent the police from aiming it at the crowd.


Wah lan eh! Need to use tear gas meh? MP from Segambut (Lim Lip Eng) also kena weck sial! Toll Luit mia pasal suma bun hantam la! ... sigh ...

Then I found this Video in Youtube about yesday nite mia incident one. You can see the water cannon is being used in the short clip

I hope this wont get worst because apparently the barricade was not there when i pass thru this morning. Did the residents removed it or the authority did not managed to erect the barricade at all? Will the authority go bek tonite to place the barricade again? Only time will tell ... sommo tonite is weekend if got wayang sure got more ppl kamout wan! Tomolo no work ma! ... I seriously hope nothing bad is gonna happen.

Really diu this time!


  1. farkin TV3 and all the channel for not showing this news for last few days.........

    BTW that tear gas canister oledi Xparied
    still that paul-least use kar?

    aiyoh..... this very dangerous la.

  2. hua itu botak me yang select mia wo, during the erection. He so cham ya, kesian nya who ask him not the gomen wo!?

  3. It's becoming a never ending story.


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