8 May 2008

Peeple Pahwer at Mahkota Cheras!

I took this pikture below in February, its a pikture of a banner made by the residents of Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long demostrating their dissatisfactions at the toll kompeni for closing what supposingly to be anoder access road into Mahkota Cheras (by placing big big concrete barricades on the road) built by the developer. This road is closed by the Toyoltoll kompeni bcoz it bypass one of "their" toll.

The TulanED residents of Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long made this banner befoh the erection ... and they really mean what they said ... needless to BN lost ledi la.


Then come last month (April'08) the residents in Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long lost their patients (beh tahan ledi) they together gether (hundreds of peeples) bring big tractors goan destroy the concrete barricades erected by the Toyol Toll kompeni


After that the residents of Mahkota Cheras and Sg long setup camps at the juntion there to make sure that the ToyolToll kompeni dun kambek and sabo them kaw kaw .... of coz the Toyol toll company wont gibeup so easily la ...

Yesday the Toyol toll kompeni strikes back! This time they bring pahwerfool redhead army with them. They wanna close the road back!!!

Toyol Toll Kompeni strikes bek! [source]

"Yesterday evening, the concessionaire put the barriers back in place. The angry residents had gathered earlier yesterday to prevent the concessionaire from the placing the barriers.

Tensions ran high when the residents had a stand off with Federal Reserve Unit personnel, who were on standby."
Read full article HERE!

And you think peeple from Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long just gonna sit there and watch??!! HELL NO!!! They regroup and strike back!!! I dunno the detials .... but this morning when i passing thru i saw the road is reopen and they setup camp again!!! Look at the pikture i took below!


I salute these residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long! they no let some baskets push them around and block their road wan! Pahwer to the Peeple of Mahkota Cheras and Sg Long!!! I sapot lu!!! Gua Caya Samu lu brader!

This is peeple pahwer ok? tarak main racial racial mia ... cina, malay,india, bengali suma together gether kasi plotek sama their housing area. This is betui betui Peeple Pahwer la!

In anoder related matter, it was reported in the news today that ....

"Ministry's study on highway concessions may see lower rates

KUALA LUMPUR: The Works Ministry will review highway concessions which may result in lower toll rates.

Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said he would call for a detailed study to be carried out before reviewing the concession agreements.

“We will compare the toll collections, and maintenance and operational costs, as well as ‘heavy’ maintenance costs,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday."

You know ... altho i dun skool much and no degree or master ... but i no nid study I also know one thing. The profit of all toll kompeni has been increasing steadily over years even without increasing toll prices.

Why?! its common sense ok? Toll collection is in direct relation with the numbers of cars on the road! If you have more cars on the road means more revenue for toll kompeni! If not where else you can use your cars on? On water ar?! Diu!

So ... as a driver yourself ... do you think the numbers of cars in KL have been increasing all these years??!! THERES YOUR ANSWER LA!


  1. the only solution is to built new roads that are free and bypass these tolls, the new PR government cannot change the agreement, but that's the least they can do to help the people.

    Its time to kick BN out, selangor people had enough of their junks.

  2. 7 Lan Kao logic.... traffic getting worst these days.

  3. 'Toll collection is in direct relation with the numbers of cars on the road! If you have more cars on the road means more revenue for toll kompeni! If not where else you can use your cars on? On water ar?! Diu!'

    it damn make sense!!

    not reallyy noe about the news until you posted it. will follow abit bit. interesting rakyats.


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