8 May 2008

Zoo not Appropriate for Kids Anymore!

Last time when im a kid (long long time ago la!) going to Zoo is kinda like a family event lidat! Of coz kids from my era loves going to Zoo la!

Now fast forward 20+ yrs later .... not only that woman who travelling to overseas alone kena get letter from her mader .... kids under 18 yrs old also gonna be barred from going to zoo ledi!!!

Yea ... i briff the day will soon kam where u gotta be at least 18yrs old to be allowed to go into the zoo ... why?

This is why!

Who know me better than myself? I have unique prefrences ok?

who say no tounge kenot do cunnilingus?!! Use nose la!

In the Wild going Wild?! Can you tell which is male and which is female? or ... all is male??!! LOL!

If lidis also u dun understen then you really shouldnt be reading this ok? Go ask your mum to make you a cuppa milk or sumthing.

Here mister kangaroo, have some water. you must be thirty after all that exercise!

Aahhhh ... this is life babeh!!!

When they said a trip to the local Zoo in educational .... dun you ever ever doubt that ok? it is educational la! Just dun bring underage chewren along can edi! lol!


  1. pig-cer no 5
    boy say to that kangaroo:
    you know daddy use this balloon to mummy.

    waka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka


    right kar bloggers....

  2. Horny animals are funny...^^

  3. Eh don't show this to Little Devil ok. Later he ask you, "Ah Pa...meh lei geh?" then you will have a hard time answering him wei!

  4. Lol this is insane.
    I never see such incidents when i was at zoo. =P

  5. I saw a male Himalayan baboon happily masturbating in front of the glass enclosure in Singapore Zoo before. Damn lawak. Lions and tigers are also forever screwing in our Zoo Negara night zoo.

  6. ahem..uncle..that monkey biting his lil wili wan looks 101% like u arrr....want to know y i said so? cus i have that photo of urs...hahaha!

    damn cute!


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