28 May 2008

Mahkota Cheras Saga Part Four!

This moaning i received anoder call from AhSoon again ....

AhSoon : oi! notchet wakeup ka?
Me : Wakeup ledi la ... mehsi?
AhSoon : Wuah yesday Bandar mahkota cheras here got luen sui(fight) man!
Me : Huh? when was it?
AhSoon : Yesday nite!
Me : The resident there goan weck the wall izzit?
AhSoon : Yar! then got gangster kam and weck the resident!!! Phuiyoo!!! they will got got blood everywhere i heard! Head also picah ledi!
Me : Wuah!!! diu lor!! now gangster also join ka? Got polis anot?
AhSoon : Polis later oni kam ... after gaduh ledi then oni they kam.
Me : Diu lor ... now getting more n more complicated edi ... then the road open edi anot now?
AhSoon : kakaka no la! u use the toll road la!
Me : Diu then u call me for what?
AhSoon : Purposely dun wanna let u sleep so much wan!
Me : MCH!!! @#%$$!!!

After I kam to opis i search search and find from The Star really got ppl kena weck! This is an excerpt taken from the Star online website :

Until last night, five of the injured had lodged reports at the Kajang police headquarters.

One of the victims, who only wanted to be known as Ina, said she and her husband with their four-year-old son were watching the drama when a group of men suddenly attacked them.

A resident, who only wanted to be known as Ken, said he was hit by a helmet and a pipe on his neck and back.

“I was only watching them pairing down the concrete sledge when suddenly a bunch of people arrived and started beating everyone up. I ran after I was beaten several times but some others were injured quite badly,” said the 28-year-old.

Another resident Kenny Ki, 45, said a group of men came in two cars and five motorbikes.


I took some piktures when i was passing thru the area this morning ... looks like the 6feet barricade wall only left 3 feet high compares to the pikture i took yesday.

Looks like the story aint gonna just end lidat .... now till gangsta also involved ledi .... later involve what else??? .... lidis go on kalo in the long run both party also losing!

Cham cham!!!!

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  1. our country is turning into some cowboy town.

  2. I wonder how much Grand Saga pays those gangsters... maybe it;s time the residents pool their money together and pay the gangster to whack back Grand Saga ... maybe even bring down those toll plazas


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