15 May 2008

How You Know Hes Gay wan?

I wanna brog since 9am and here I am still struggling to find that few minutes snaking time to brog! Anyway ... a note prior to the post.

: Contains Gay/Lesbian elements. Those who kenot take Gay/Lesbian joke please do not proceed. If you feel easily offended about your sexual preferences also pls do not proceed. Others proceed at your own risk.

Ahbeng mia Son call AhBoon was away for his first week in a college in KL. Ahbeng dem worry about his son bcoz this is the 1st time he go away long long wan.

Then finally its weekend and Ahbeng mia son kambek ledi ..... Ahbeng see him kambek fast fast open door for him but somehow Ahbeng see AhBoon face dem bohsong (tak-syok/not happy) lidat so Ahbeng mai ask AhBoon lidis la!

Ahbeng : Son ah son ... anything wrong at kolej anot?
AhBoon : Aiyah ... kolej very sien lar fader!
Ahbeng : Why sien lar son?
AhBoon : I think my roomate (Pierre) hor ... is gay wan leh!
Ahbeng : Har? How you know wan?!!
AhBoon : I know la!
Ahbeng : Tell me how you know wan laaaa
AhBoon : Haiyah! His kukuciao hor ... taste like shit wan leh!!
Ahbeng : sweat_01


  1. that's pretty disgusting LOL

  2. Get those mouthwash ready wei! :)

  3. hw did he noe shit tastes like?? hmmmm... LoL...

  4. Haha lucky his daddy didn't say "What about my kukuciao taste like???"

  5. wtf! jar lan dou!

  6. .....................
    kesian..ab's son also..sighhh....ah beng should ask..thn your dick should be tasting like shit also


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