20 May 2008

ExMafia - Yo Gangsta Paradise! MMORPG

Got back into MMORPG (Massive Multiplayers Online Role Playing Game) lately and this time its a Gangsta kinda game where you get to kickass and kill some baskets and rob peeple, and gang wars all Ahbeng/Ahlong/kuwakchai style!

This game is Call ExMafia!!

What is Mafia? Wuah this one is Italiano la! Its the same like Ahlong in Ahbeng's language wan! The only different is they got wear tie and Ahlong no wear tie to work oni! LOL!!

A new round just started 1 day ago and if you join now ngam ngam chun as everyone restart from zero so you wont kena bully!

Kam! join me play Ahlong in the game! Click HERE to register la! We kasi bikin Ahlong in the game and we kick those angmohs butt la! Chun Boh? Wait hamik wait? Faitit register and show them some Ahbeng Power!

The registration screen

Registration is easy just fill in your particular and you can start playing alredi! Dun wait long long la! I wait for lu ok? HEre is the registration link in case you kenot find the previous one.

Note : If you registerED edi ... kam find me la! I got guns mau kasi lu! Then u no need susah susah go buy gun la! can straight weck angmohs kahcheng ledi!!! How to find me? Goto "Boston" then look under "Hall of Fame" then click on "Mobster's Search" then key in "Wingz" then click on "Wingz" and goto the bottom of the page and select "[Send Mail]" then i will gibe lu powderfool gun to weck the angmohs wokeh?!!


  1. wah... www.themafiaboss.com
    same same concept wan..

  2. got 1 girl called carebear simply report people that they have multi account..and kena federal jail for 3 days..


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