30 May 2008

Dont be Shy, Dig Your Nose then EAT YOUR SNOT!!!


I love to dig nose! I really do! I dont dig my nose often becoz if dig too often then kenot get enuff to make a big ball one la! So what i do is I oni dig once a day ... thats rite after shower.

Why after shower? becoz shower ledi the tahi hidung/bei see/snot kena water it will bekam soft soft n moist moist one ... can be easily dug out and can easily shapre to whatever shape you wan! Can roll roll with fingers also!!

Why I like to dig nose? ... you mean you dont like ar? MCH! digging nose is like sex ... your finger is having sex with your nose lidat! Its one of the pleasure in life man! If you dun like it then you probably a lesbo! Lesbo dun like to kena poke wan mah!

Fortunately my son also inherited the art of nose digging from me LOL! That fler lagi power ... he has been digging his nose eversince hes a baby! Unfortunately his mum dont like him digging his nose in public! LOL!

BUT NOW .... we all got more reason to dig our nose! Well not actually now lar! Zewt sent me this email and after some cross reference with Google I found that this article is dated back to year 2003. It says here ....

Digging your nose and eat your own snot/bei see/taik hidung is good for your own health!!! Said Prof Dr Friedrich Bischinger, a fehmes Vienna lokter.

Dunch briff me? I alredi expect u all lidat wan la! .... nah! read yourself la! after u read then if you are one of those who doubted me b4 you read this article ... then goan let dog fark la! LOL

Click on the Image to read ... for the actual newspaper article to be readable I kenot shrink it and put it here so instead i host it somewhere else. To read just click on the image above. Btw the article is in BM.

I wonders what would my own snot taste like? I heard from a frend of mine (his name is Malcolm and hes studying in uni of Nottingham Semenyih *he paid me to type this line wan! he said he wanna be fehmes bcoz lotsa his fwens all got read rojaks wan!* ) whom taste his own snots before that snots are salty! No wonder that fler dem hamsap la!


  1. MALCOLM10:52 am



    macibai wingzz, ask lu go gibe me kledits for telling u wat is bei si in engerish, u goan pollute my name...

    but nvm oso larh
    coz now i am fehmes!!!!

  2. ikilledjason2:28 pm

    you are not only "fehmes"
    i think you are cute too...
    can we be fwens?

  3. MALCOLM6:07 pm

    dun u dare kam near me
    u sick pedo/pervert/gay/shemale...

  4. ewww... nose digging is si beh song i noe lahh... but eat it?!?!?! tsk tsk...

  5. My ex college-mate digs his nose even when he's sleeping, and after he song song dig d, he will roll it into a ball then eat it!

    Yes, even when he's sleeping.


  6. *puke* eat bei si wo.. my fren like ot eat aso..evytime i see him eat, i feel like puke on the spot.

    I like to dig, but not eat..

  7. Owh.. Malcolm is disgusting. But nvm.. now you're fehmes... ROAR!

  8. malcolm..are u sure it tasted like tht ar?
    wingz..how your son dig nose wan? use drill ar? LOL

  9. I read about this in my email. I laughed out loud. I don't believe such thing :P


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