27 May 2008

Cheras Mahkota Toll Company Striked Back!

Early in the morning i received a phone call from Ahsoon, my fwen from Bandar Mahkota Cheras. He told me not to use the toll free Mahkota Cheras road anymore because in the midnite someone "ghost ghost rat rat" come n "steal steal" put farking big concrete blocks on the road to block it!!

Action lidis is call Big Cock wear small pants! Big kompeni also do "ghost ghost rat rat" things lidis MCH!!!

I thot this case closed ledi one? the land belongs to the state gomen and they got no rights to close it BUT some farker STILL go ahead and close it so that they can poket a few hundred thousands extra bucks a day!!!!

U say DIU not DIU??!!!


As if life is not difficult enuff ... other than the forever increasing cost of living we still kena stand up to blood sucker MAHAI toyol company as such!

You think Cheras Mahkota resident will keep quiet anot? nvm ... later lunch time i go get some "wind" and see ...

FARKIU Toyol toll Company!!!


  1. These people really got nothing to do...causing the exit road to the Sg Long so jammed this morning.

    Really beh tahan them.

  2. The residents of Cheras should petrol-bombed 9 those toll booths. See whether they dare to block the road again anot.

  3. if they nid to do it at night means that is not right larh. then nid to sam fu the rakyat to move it again liao larh. aihhz.

  4. they wan to kwik kwik collect money lor....

    that bee ant decide to lower the toll money....

    if the low rate
    kanot leech er... er... lich kwik lor


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