7 May 2008

How Do You Measure Life?

Someone asked me whether I m giving up blogging? If not why am I blogging so much lesser these days?

I dont think I will be giving up blogging anytime soon because, its my lifelong dreams to be able to share happiness and laughters but recently I m kinda stuck in a junction. Its like I completed one level of my life and now I m kinda choosing which next level shall I proceed to next.

Today I learnt something very meaningful and I thot I would wanna write it down here in my blog before I lost this feeling.

How do you measure life?
"Some people would tell you its measured by the one they left behind ... some believe it can be measured in faith ... some say by love ... other folks says life have no meaning at all ... me?.... I believed that you measure yourself by the people who measured themselves by you."

Deep enuff? Remember this paragraph above ... it might makes lotsa differences in another level in your life. :)


  1. The last line of the quote so deep and confusing.

    Does that mean "You measure yourself based on how you measure people?"

    Or "You measure yourself by the method people measure themselves?"

    I think I'm confusing you too @-@

  2. Anonymous7:57 am

    I don't think life is to be measured but lived. ;) Happy Day.

  3. so lan 7 deep wan!!!

  4. wils0n11:35 am

    Agreed with Jed. Life's to be live not measure. Kukujiau is to be used not measured.

  5. Life is just life. It has its ups and downs. For every 'up', we enjoy lor, but for every 'down', we strive for the 'up' feeling again.

    Life is like that lor. Don't give up, ahbeng. *give you fawer*

  6. rettare4:32 pm

    the last line means 'you measure yourself by the people you influenced by your actions/good cause', well or something like that.

    Rojak recently watched The Bucket List eh?

  7. Yes, the quote is confusing. Mind elaborate?

    P/s: You have been tagged.

  8. boss, i got the meaning. deep but still comprehensible... :)

    i am sure there are a lot of bloggers out there who measure themselves by you.

  9. totally agree with the rest.

    so lan 7deep erh. @_@

    im really noob. share more with us pls.


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