5 May 2008

Processed Food and Peanut Diet Program


Not Yet Eat - Dun read!
Going To Eat - Also Dun read!
Eat Ledi - Lagi Dun read!

If you read ledi and got drastic changes to your apetite or digestive system ... dun kam find me wokeh? U been warned! Others proceed under own risk la!

Befoh I begin with today mia story ... lets take a moment to ponder on what I m gonna tell you next.

We all eat processed food such as nuggets, hot dogs and burger, have you ever thot of what kinda stuffs they put in these products? izzit as simple as only pure meat, seasoning, colors and flavourings or is there anything else? How can we be certain of what we are putting into our stomach ar? Its a scary thot when you dunno what you r chucking into your mouth innit? Welokam to the modern world!

Since we are toking bout processed food ... I got a story to share with lu guys. I got this Ahbeng frend who tried to lose some weight by trying some dieting program. He gonna get mehlid end of this year therefore he wanna look good in his mehlid pikture la!

Few days ago .. i met him at the kopitiam having blekfas by himself ... so I walked over and greet him la ... there rest is lidis one ...

Me : Ahbeng! Wuah 2 month no see u ledi wor! Where u been la?
Ahbeng : Oi brader! Amajiam? kam kam sit sit! I order kopi kaw for lu.
Me : I fine tenkiu! U how? so long no see u ledi leh! Hows your diet program la?
Ahbeng : Wuah you still remember the diet program ka?
Me : Of coz la! you plomise me to share the recipe if sucksesfool wan wor!
Ahbeng : It dint werk ler ... i start for a few days and stop ledi ...
Me : Why lidat wan? maybe it will work on me leh? everyone got a different body system ma! Kam kam! tell me about the diet program la.
Ahbeng : Its lidis one ... its call peanut diet program, you only can eat peanut and drink water and nothing else. 3 meals a day suma hantam peanuts oni.

Me : Ok wor! I like peanuts one leh!
Ahbeng : I also love peanuts leh! But if you eating nothing else but only peanuts hor .... you wont have the balls to go on one leh ...
Me : How so? you got bored of peanuts after a while?
Ahbeng : no no no ... not that. I still pretty much love peanuts but ....
Me : But what?
Ahbeng : I wont eat only peanuts whole day long as diet lor.
Me : Why not?
Ahbeng : actually ... man to man tok la .... i go shit no use toilet paper one ok?
Me : You mean u use hand to wash one rite?
Ahbeng : Yar ...
Me : So? whats the problem?
Ahbeng : If you only eats peanuts and nothing else hor .... later you finish shit that time ... you use your hand to wash ... the shit actually feels like peanuts butter lidat! ARGHH!!! I cant eat peanut butter anymore after that incident!!!

This is how processed peanuts will looks like if your digestive system did it correctly! LOL!

Me : KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! that why la! you should eat abit of strawberry while u eating peanuts also la!
Ahbeng : Why? will it helps?
Me : Then you can get peanut butter and strawberry jam mah!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAK!!!
Ahbeng :sweat_01

If digestive system is not werking very well that day then u think the "processed food" will look lidis anot?!

Come to think of it ... what comes out of the "other" end is also considered as processed foor rite? Less nutrition value but somehow it still resembles something like the one you put into your stomach what?! You try eating lotsa taugeh and sesame seeds befoh anot?! LMAO!!


  1. Wah lauehhhh!!!!That look like snicker!!!

    this is one good post!

  3. i tot u were going to post some gross photos about processed food. i damn scare i wont be eating burgers if u really do..

  4. Yuck~ veri geli one lah

  5. Anonymous8:32 am

    Haiyoh. Last time as student and sometimes now to save $$$$$, I just eat peanut butter and bread-lah..Haiyah!


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