29 May 2008

Cheras Mahkota Toll Free Road ReopenED!!!!!!!

Again this morning my this ahpek fwen called me again to wake me up from my slumberland ....

Ahsoon : Jou san! (good moaning)
Me : Niahma you again ar? Wat u want?
Ahsoon : Oi so erly dunwan say bad words can ar?
Me : Diuniasing lu ... if got one sohai every morning also call 9 u to wake u up from your sweet dreams will u fark 9 him anot?
Ahsoon : haha dun lidat la! Today i call u bcoz got good news la!
Me : Why? yesday nite got luen sui again ar at Bandar mahkota cheras?
Ahsoon : MCH lu! got luen sui is good news meh?
Me : haha then?
Ahsoon : The toll free road is reopen la! you can save 90 sens today.
Me : Oh ... no gaduh yesday nite?
Ahsoon : Nope.
Me : No polis no FRU?
Ahsoon : Got!
Me : But nobody kena weck?
Ahsoon : Nope! They even let them remove all the slabs as long as they abide to the law.
Me : Wuahhh ... this is new ... really no gaduh?
Ahsoon : Well after kena weck by gangster unexpectedly yesday .... today suma peeple are ready. They all come "well prepared" my fwens told me he saw lotsa "kachangs" lying on the side of the road. But the phuackers gangsters no balls to kam today. Their piktures is all over the internet ledi!
Me : Wuah ... u also know about internet ka?
Ahsoon : Of coz la! Got free p0rn of coz i must learn!!!
Me : KAKAKAKAKA Farkiu la!

On the way to work I drove to Mahkota Cheras Toll free road and took this video :

From the video you can see got one reporter is still taking piktures and there is a group of ppl who sitting on the grass of shoulder of the road probably taking turn guarding the place to make sure the toyol toll kompeni dun kambek make another cibai wall again! And you can see the deep scratch marks on the road leading to the spot where the concrete slabs rest. The residents pool about 900 bucks on the spot yesday to hire a big ass lorry to pull those farking bigass concrete slabs there one.

"niahma you think u can hire gangstas we kenot hire ka? jom we kolek money from everyone and hire gangstas to weck 9 their gangsta! Cibai lu ... bully us ka? Now u die!" kakaka this caption i sindiri add one ok? buden this might be what they thinking also wat? LOL!!

Then as usual, i searched for the latest news related to Bandar Mahkota la! To my suprise today really got dem lotsa new about BMC (bandar mahkota cheras) wan!

  1. Cheers as residents pull down controversial barricade
  2. MB: We’ll have an EGM soon
  3. Police action on those creating chaos
  4. Contempt of court
  5. Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents urge Federal Govt to intervene


  1. wow great to hear about the news.
    good to see them da gao larh. but dun hav pulak, if got, the star wont report oso wan larh, dont hope on that.

    Eh u take the video while driving?? dangerous erh! @@ haha.

  2. MALCOLM10:21 am

    1 for the community &
    0 for corrupted kampenis

    though i oso dun use the load 1...lol

    ehh wingz, now i leave my name big big arh, dun say i no leave name

    btw, if you are recording it, then who's driving???

  3. wingz, the cabinet ordered the road to be kept open liao, can read from star got show

  4. Acherly, the residents should all go fire-bomb 9 the toll booths to make them inoperable.

  5. FINALLY JUSTICE HAVE SPOKEN! really a good news that worths your morning snore LOL


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