7 February 2008

The Trip Up North

I dunno how you guys can stand it .... its my first time travelling up north during CNY and my blood PLEAsure alredi up by a few notch!


From Toll plaza in Jln Duta Jam all the way till Slim River!!! MCH! Plus jiaksai wan! CNY sommo goan close one road! Leaving only 2 lane open!!! MCH!!! If i know its gonna be lidis, I use the coastal road better la! No nid to pay toll!


See the jam? top speed is 40km/h only! Most of the time kena step on the brakes! Worst than driving in KL during peak hour ok? Paid so much to use the highway but kena go thru all this knnccb nonsense!!!


Its time lidis all those basket kurang ajar mia from K.L. will roam the street of small town ... and they bring along their basket KNNCCB attitude with them! See how this basket park his car on the side of the road blocking traffic? That Petrol tanker kena stuck bcoz of this and caused freaking long traffic jam in Bidor! I also derno why the tanker dun wanna run over that blardee car....

This way to Pulau Pangkor .... up to this point its alredi 4:30pm .... we left KL at 11:30am! 5 freaking hours!!! HongKong also can arrive!

This shop in Bidor ... CNY also open .... Must be making lotsa $$ la!


Still remember the post about the basket Bus driver who drove recklessly? Well today I met one of them on the trunk road to Lumut ... this MCH bus thot hes driving a farking sepot car! Main celah celah ... that farker cut in from no where!!! MCH!!! Nearly push 9 me into the longkang while trying to avoid this KNNCCB bus!!


Its a transnational KL- Lumut bus bearing the registration number BHS 8805!


This scene really helped lowered my blood PLEAsure! if not i think i die of heart attack ledi! How i wish all my outstation journey will be greeted with this kinda scenery ....


Arrived in Lumut at around 5:30pm ..... such a long journey! Too bad I cant afford an overseas trip this year .... if not go Guangzhou also nearer!!!


The rest of the family member alredi arrived becoz they used the coastal road to kam! .... when we arrive they alredi party-ing! Lotsa beers n all to go around!


One of the kid doing his stunt .... must be dem painful lol!

Ferry to Pulau Pangkor


The road to nowhere?

Ok la ... go sleep la! late ledi ... tomlo kena wakeup erly erly go weck a few round of free blekfas! Eat kaw kaw so whole day no nid use own money to eat again! KAKAKAKAKA!!!

Good night!


  1. uncle wingz...kiong hee huat zai...so got ang pau from u de ma?i tak tau wht happen to me la this year..gamble lose money...lucky i only bring RM35 only..lose all...then computer keep on auto restart.then watch kung fu dunk also so much problem.haix....1st day of cny so fast end le..anyway..happ cny to u again..wish u hav a nice cny trip with ur family =)

  2. Here's wishing you & your family a happy & prosperous Lunar New Year!!

    Gung Xi Fa Cai!!

  3. masta wingz! why u set bad example wann.. why take photo while driving gehhhhh... *slap* :P

    gong xi gong xi! wishing you more power with less blue pill, fatt tatt, ping ping onn onn, fei fei tut tut (means cukup makan la! :P), business go big big, and everything else to you & family!

  4. Oi. remember to put more lotion else kena sun burn like my flen

  5. OMG traffic jam!! i hate those bumper to bumper traffic jams... =(

  6. so nice... can go on holiday... sigh... i gotta work leh... so dont high blood pressure la...

    gong hey fatt choy to u!


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