19 February 2008

Diamond is not the best ring for proposal ok??!!

Those who thinks diamond if the best ring to use if you wanna propose then u dem outdate ledi la! In Amadika now ... if you use diamond ring to propose the girl fark u no free! U kena follow trend wan! Now the trend is to use the mader of all ring!!! The King of the Ring!!!

Behold! The DAR-Ring!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Watch this video is you wanna know what ring izzit la!

How? This ring power anot? Wanna buy anot? Want buy kam kontek me la! I cheap cheap gibe lu! Recycle one also got! Wat u waiting??? Fai-tit la!


  1. walao eh!got such things meh?!

  2. haha she want a ring that can put inside her haha

    taiko, u got one haa
    how much aa? :)


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