12 February 2008

Hoi Kung La!!!

Times sure flies when you are not werking!!! Almost a week since CNY ... and I kena set 3 alarm clocks to make sure i will be able to wakeup and goto work.

A new year and a new beginning! New challenges, new plans, new hopes!

I hereby wish everibodi .... Hoi Kung Tai Kat!!!!


  1. Wishing u the same too. On top of tat I wish "sang yee heng loong and ur business will be loh toh fong sun sui hei". Tat time, don't forget me hor?

  2. shoot!

    come, let me give u d aussie aussie style & slang!

    wishin yer ey harpie nu yeh as u meh grow farter and farter (fatter i mean ok) & may yer biz grow prosperously and last bart not least may yer paedoness grow tuh! LOL!!

    yer get wot i mean?

    cheers 2u man!!

    c ya in aust if yer happen 2 come n c me... =.=""

  3. kung chuk lei hoi kung tai kat!
    sang yi hing loong!
    wang choy jao sao!


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