16 February 2008

Hey! you heard of Rojaks blog???

I lafu going to Bai-nin! ... you go Bai-nin and u gets to eat free, drink free if not habis eat can tahpau also! On top of that can get extra pocket money also sommo!!! Mana mau cari??!! I lafu Chainis Nu Yar la!


During the makan free session from far I can see my wife toking to daniel (one of our teens relatip) then half way toking she call me loud loud ask me kam.


When I arrive she told me this :

Wife : Oioi! you got one more fansee here!
Me : What?
Wife : This fler been telling me there is this blog very funny wan ... its call Rojaks Daily wor!
Me : HAHAHA! you got tell him who is the author of Rojaks Daily anot?
Daniel : You mean you are the author of Rojaks Daily?
Me : U ask my wife and see la .. haha
Daniel : No wonder I like got see Little Devil pikture there befoh lah!! I thot look alike oni ... mana tau its really Little Devil ...

Now I know my relatip also got read Rojaks Daily mia .... there is one more Ahbeng in the family ledi! LOL!


  1. rojok so famous, who never read b4, hahahaha

  2. the girl in the black dress is your wife ah??

  3. Wah..Now only ur relative know u r da CEO of Rojaks ar..Kam char ga..

    I'm not ur relative aso know la..

  4. do some internal promotion la, lidis only can have more AAAHBENGs in the house ma. Rojak CEO need hire marketing peepuh or not... here got one


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