25 February 2008

Your Wish is My Command ....

Erection day is getting nearer and nearer .... pretty soon our streets will be over stuffed with those erection banners.

Its time lidis you get to see who did you erected on your last erection bcoz after erection these representative will go into hibernation wan! No briff me? This year you notice yourself la!

Of coz this is the time where you can see/hear lotsa plomises flying here and there ... and some of the plomises are forgotten till the voters kena bikin big big banner (bigger than those erection mia banner) to remind them of their previous plomise such as ....

(click on the above image for a larger version)
Jalan Tak Buka Singkir Calon BN

I saw this banner on my way to work in Sungai Long, at the entrance of Taman Mahkota Cheras, you see ... once upon a time these peeple bought their house bcoz the developer showed to them that there is a new road (which bypassed the saga toll plaza) linking Tmn Mahkota Cheras to the outside world but bcoz of some "undisclosable issue" that road remained closed and barricade with pillons and a guard standing by guarding the road.

With that "promised" road closed ... residents of Tmn Mahkota Cheras have no choice but to use the only road linking to the outside world. If someone bomb this road .... those who staying in Tmn Mahkota Cheras will be either stranded or kenot go home. Getting out of Tmn Mahkota Cheras during peak hours would sometimes takes more than 30 minutes .... 30 minutes wasted on what suppose to take only less than 2 minutes journey .... so whose fault izzit?

To those whois contesting in this year erection .... pulez lemember your plomises wokeh? We not Stupid wan! We can lemember what you plomised wan! we rekod your speech and put into youtube so you kenot tell us "it looks like me ... sound like me ... but i dunno for sure if its me anot!"

Correct anot peeple? Korek, korek, korek!


  1. BN = Barisan Ngeri ? Lolz

  2. The problem has been there for so many years with all parties playing 'tai chi' all the time.

    The jam from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to the main road is becoming worse and worse le. When I wan to go to Sg Long (only 5 minutes drive) early in the morning, it would take up 20 to 30 minutes. There was once many of us stuck there for 60 minutes when there was an accident outside the Cheras main road.

    Should put all the election candidate at the main road there early in the morning to experience the jam...hehehe. Then only they wan to open the road.

    If not, promises remain as promises. Wait for another election, same issue will popping up!


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