20 February 2008

Wheather Broadcaster From around the World

WARNING : This joke might offend those religious ppl ... so if you are sensitive towards religious kinda jokes pls do not proceed. Others proceed under own risk ok?

Lemme tell you something .... most of the Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us dun like to watch the news on tv wan .... bcoz all is bad news ... tarak good news mia!

I think TV stesen adknowledge this fact ledi ... so what they do is ... they take those lengluis to read news so Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us will start watching news la! Very soon all the TV stesen around the world also know the fact that .... if you use charbohs to read news the viewers will increase .... then not only the use charbohs to read news ... wheather broadcast also they using charbohs now! New trend also! If they dont use charbos then Ahpeks and Ahbengs like us will change channel during wheather broadcast wan!

So now i share with you the face of those pweety charbos wheather broadcaster around the world ....

This muimui is from Yapunnnn!!! totemo kawaii desuneh!!! I like! I like!

This angmoh is from Lontun wan .... I like also!

This angmoh is from Amadika ... why amadika very hot meh? why she wear so much clothes wan geh?

This one is from Yindia .... mouth dem big yo!

This one latest one trying to follow the trend is from AFGHANISTAN !!!
Too bad it dont work that way la!!! LMAO!!!


  1. Seriously I don't want to laugh, but I cannot tahan! Hahaha!

  2. hahaha..i thought u will post pics of nude wheather-women..

  3. heheheh si peh beh tahan...

    the Yindian one really big mouth...

  4. amadika cold only wan wear so much cloth ma...swt

  5. i thought my post was more religiously and racial offensive.


  6. Good one, you cheer my day up!

  7. its not afghanistan la but the tv studio was leaking during the broadcasting of the news due to heavy rain outside. so, a cloth was used to shield from the leaking roof besides using the umbrella....


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