14 February 2008

What is Lafu? A Rojaks V-day Post

To my Dear Bini ....

I thank you for all your sacrifices for me and our family all these years, I understand that we both have our own flaws but if i were given the chances to choose again in my next life .... I will still choose to be with you.

I Lafu You Loupor!

P.S. : *Soli forgot to buy fawers gibe u!*


Why celebrate V-day? Maybe ... perhaps .... bcoz of lafu? Then .... What is Lafu?

Maybe Lafu is like Edison Chen ..... (pikture below)

Edison Chen " Lafu is like .... Bau-yue with Fatt Choy! *Slurpsss*"

Or maybe lafu is like what Bobo said it is ...... (pikture below)

Bobo "Lafu is like odd shaped half chinese half engrish sausage *Slurpssss*"

Buden is that the truth?

What if i tell you that Lafu is all about sacrifices? You know why so many peeple divorce or breakup? Its bcoz they are farking selfish! They dun wanna sacrifice thats why la!

Its very very easy to say I lafu you ... but are they ready to make all the sacrifices of loving someone?

But on the other hand .... in this era, lafu is all about farking! To the younger generation Lafu=Sex .... if boh ngam mai breakup la! then find another victim and fark again .... Chinese peeple say this one call "Run Fire, In Evil" ledi .... how many of you really know what it takes to lafu someone ar?

So ... this year befoh you gonna tell that person you lafu her/him .... ask yourself .... are you really ready for all the sacrifices that comes with the lafu? If not you better stay at home n tfk la! Dun bruff peeple can?!


  1. horrrr!!! u cham lar!! didnt buy fowers to ur wife!! later tonite ur wife sure ask u go sleep on da living room couch liao!! kakakakakakaka... Happeeeee Valentine's DAY!!!! :D

  2. U r totally right! Lafu is about scarified! For me it is scarified ( no more freedom ) & pokeing ( so tiring )!!! Forget flower? Never mind! Just give ur laupor more lafu & also a very long poke! She will lafu u even more! Happy V-day!

  3. young ppl think lafu=sex coz they think lafu=lat fu (drop pants). tat's y they think it's sex lo.
    Happy V Day! (V means Valentine's and not Virginity,k?)

  4. Happy V-day uncle, ur wife very hang fok ah

  5. good advice, wingz


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