31 January 2008

When You Purchase a Bus Ticket to go back to your Hometown ... What do you expect?

Chinese New Year is just around the korner and needless to say ... regardless of whether you are chinese or malay or indian ... lotsa peeple will get on a bus to balik kampung during the long holidays.

So when you purchase a bus ticket, what do you expect from the bus company? I would at least expect that I will be arriving at my destination safe and sound! Arriving later than schedule is totally acceptable coz at least I m safe and alive!

But that is not always the case you see .... there is this double decker bus thats heading for the north ..... and what happened to the passengers in the bus will haunt them forever ...

"According to the survivors, the top deck was swaying left and right as the driver was going really fast. Some passengers at the bottom deck saw the driver smsing a lot and driving really fast in the heavy rain.

After awhile the passengers felt something amiss and saw the bus driver STAND UP suddenly(while the bus was moving!) and split seconds later, the passengers screamed really loudly and the bus spun three times, hit the divider and careened to the opposite highway where an oncoming MPV crashed into the back of the bus. Nian Ning and Mohd Zailani were sitting at the back row.

I’m not sure about the other chinese boy who also passed away. But that’s what I’ve gathered. The passengers of the MPV only suffered minor injuries. To add insult to the injury, the bus driver only sustained a broken right leg. I’m curious to know what is happening to him now though."

Read More HERE & HERE

At some point of time, we all need to take bus ... if its not us then it will be someone close to us ... do you want this to happen to them?

What can we do? Well we could tell the our gomen that we would like something to be done about this issue by signing on this PETITION!!!

Go ahead ... make a different today .... make Malaysia road a safer place and allow us to travel without the fear of losing our own life. When we purchase a bus ticket, we are paying to get to our destination NOT paying to go to heaven/hell!


  1. number 2325.... :)

  2. sighh... hope that bus company really take good note of this and all bus companies really check and make sure their driver and bus is in perfect condition to go through the journey.

    I have heard many bus accidents in Malaysia since sometimes ago, and hopefully it will stop forever. The road is so straight and smooth to drive in, but still there are accidents.

  3. Please come for Nian Ning's memorial. see blog for more details! Please help to publicize it too. We want to get the media's attention

  4. this is real bad case...

    i wish we all got way to solve this problem...

    how to avoid taking bus completely if one dun have other transportation?

    Maybe they really ought to give those driver tough and very high safety procedure test every month? a person who monitored their driving? a video feed of checking their driving? a speed tracking on their bus? there's must be something we can do about it...

    my condolence to those passed away.


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