8 January 2008

When You Grow Up

After reading THIS post by Zephyr I suddenly kena flashbek .... I m sure lotsa you guys will feel the same also if you got read such a thing.

Its lidis one ... Once upon a time (that time i still notchet grow pubic hair la!) my Tcher asked me this ....

Tcher : Wingz .. what you wannabe when you grow up?
Me : Garbage Collector (angkat sampah mia olang la!)

Then the whole class luff 9 me!!! KNN!!!

But i got very good reason as to why I wanna be a garbage collector you see .... last time at my houz i only gets to see the garbage collector every Monday and Thursday and so I thot garbage collector only works 2 days a week oni!!! Mana got work thats oni require you to work two days in a week oni la?? See?? So small ledi i dem smart lol!

Yea .. i know i m a lazy bastard since young age ... dun jeles can?


  1. those were the days of innocence...

  2. u damn terrer la!!
    this kinda idea u oso can think out..

  3. fuyoh..i really salute u..people wnaa become policeman..u wana become garbage collector..LOL..

  4. lol.....give me five!!!

    Thz for visiting my humble blog :p

    Rojaks daily rocks!!!

  5. Hahaha.....that used to be my brother's dream job as well. He has grown out of it now haha :p

  6. want to change job liao...


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