26 January 2008

ATM Scam! This is how they get your ATM Password!

This Happened in China .... very soon the rest of the world will catch up .... so it pays to know ok?

*Click on the above image for a clearer view

Got see that small dot on top of the ATM machine anot? That one is a Micro Camera la! Thats how they got your password la! They looking at what numbers you keying in mah!

So if you goto any similar ATM .... pulez be more alert ok? look for any suspicious signs and do not proceed if you found anything "outta da ordinary" ok?

Better be safe than sorry! CNY around the korner oni ... ppl will do anything to get hold of some easy cash!


  1. wahlao..like that also can?s dangerous..

  2. cny is coming, somebody need an extra cash..beware!

  3. fuyohhh....like this also can ahhh..

  4. Haha. maybe you'll start seeing your atm passwords uploaded on youtube soon.


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