3 January 2008

Survival Tips for New Age Relationship

If you are single and you have been dating your right hand/fingers alot then you might not be able to understand this post ...

Being in a relationship does comes with their own setsssss of problemsssssss and in the old time they can be anything from listed below (Im toking from a man's point of view here ok?) :

1. Forgot dating anniversary
2. Forgot wedding anniversary
3. Forgot her birday
4. Forgot your mader in law birday
5. Forgot your fader in law birday
6. Forgot about the first time you screwed her mia anniversary
7. Forgot her dog's/cat's birday
8. Forgot about her facial appointments
9. Forgot about her slimming/hair saloon appointments
10. Forgot to buy her fawers (she has been waiting for a few yrs ledi ...)
12. Forgot the first time you changed her pad for her (This one not from ym experience one ok? one of my binthai frend told me wan!)
13. Anything else you forgot that dont seems to be important to you but its important for her.

But thats not all you see ... those listed above is the classic examples oni ... as time progress so will the problemsss! Yesday we finally experienced first hand a new sets of problems that we still do not have an answer to yet ...

There is this fler (lets call him Henry for the sake of this story) yesday we ajaked him yum char and he told us hes not free to come so we all went on without him la, half way thru the yum char session he showed up with a pale face.

Me : Eh I thot you say u not kambing wan?
Henry : Guys i need help!!! Pls help me!
Ahkeong : what happened?!
Henry : I m in deep shit! Pam (his wife) is gonna kill me liow
Ahkeong : Calm down! Tell us what happened la!
Me : You forgot her birthday again izzit?
Henry : No! not her birthday! this time worst than her birthday!
Ahkeong : Your mader in law's birthday?
Henry : How i wish ... its 10 times worst than that!
Me : Your wedding anniversary?
Henry : Worst than that also ...
Ahkeong : The anniversary of 1st time you screwing her?
Henry : No!
Me : Then tell us lar la! MCH keep us guessing for what?!
Henry : I was using her computer to download some porn ... then it just went dead ... the hardisk is dead!!! I m so dead!!!
Ahkeong : HAHAHA! 1st time i heard ppl crashed his wife hardisk one wei! This one we never encounter before leh!
Me : hahaha!!! Good luck wei! If you made it out alive this time remember to update us ok? We will update our database on how to stay alive after crashing your wife's hardisk!
Henry : Farkers! you are suppose to help me la!
Ahkeong : No historical data available la! how to rekomen solutions to you la? Clean you ass and get ready to kena weck la tonite! kakakaka!!!

There you go .... cyber age relationship with cyber age problem ... more problems to be discover as we progressing into this cyber age thingy .. stay tune for the next survival tips

P.S. : If anyone out there survived this ordeal beofh .. can you please share you success story? I Hope my frend is still alive by the time we kam out with a solution! LOL!!


  1. neh go redownload d porn again n show it 2 her when dey r fighting... den mebe will turn into another kind of 'fighting'... keep doing dis over n over when she wanted to bring d topic up or until she gt fed up/tired... LoL...

  2. linpeh crashed his wife HD again..?

  3. wow.. never heard that coming!! Gosh, bless your friend!

  4. tiu is sure kena tiu wan la. depending how serious only.

    advice from a female: make her nice dinner, send her favourite flowers to office, and try to look as pitiful as possible.

    first time to this blog. haha funny shit.

  5. MCH stands for wat ah?
    paiseh.. reli duno it..


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