20 January 2008

Wingz Can Teach - Canto Lesson no.1

Very seldom Ahbeng will use street language and to deal with them you need to know what they really mean.

Today i m gonna teach you Ahbengs wannabe 2 new sentences .... they are :

1) Um-Tum (pronounced as Arm-Dum in canto)
2) PYT (Abbr for Pei Yan Tiu)

Um-Tum and PYT is closely related and can be use to compliment each other in a way to enhance your daily communication skills as a Ahbeng.

i.e. : Ahbeng just got rob by a Mat Rempit, so Ahbeng will say lidis ...

Ahbeng : Today really Um-tum la! first first I forgot to buy 4D yesday and today my number come out first plize! Then in the afternoon I PYT .... my briefcase kena snatched by Mat Rempit!
For a better understanding of what it really means (literally) by Um-Tum and PYT, we hired a kungfu specialist to further illustrate to you.

Please watch carefully ... as each of the 2 sentence above will be fully explained in the below video clip.

For the meaning of Um-Tum please notice clip marker from 48 seconds till 57 seconds and for the real meaning of PYT ... refer to video clip marker from 59 seconds onward.

If after watching the video also dont understand then you really need to go PYT la!


Who want learn "iron eggs" kungfu? Fast fast come register! Learn ledi no sked Um-tum and PYT wan! Your kkc will be so powerful no Um-tum or PYT can hurt u! KAKAKAKA!!!


  1. WTFFF!!! i wan learn ooii... so dat next time when i fight wif gf i no more weaknesses liao... LoL...

  2. wuah!!!!!!!!!!! superman also kalah man!!!!!!!!!

  3. You all kena cheated liao.
    This wor siong already castrated wan. No more balls liao, so no matter how you kick also not painful.


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