3 April 2007

Why Am I still blogging ....

Back in July 2005, I wrote this post Why Ai Blog,ok la I admit la ... perhaps I did changed, I also wrote for some extra pocket money and Lil Devil's education fund now but other than that I pretty much still stick to this belifs of mine :

"Blogging is my way to contributes to mankind who need a little relief from all that, perhaps maybe for 5 minutes a day or even more and YET I hope what i d0ne here, and what I am doing is making a significant differences in your daily life, with just one dose of joke everyday. That's my noble intention, small but sincere."

But sometime when I feel down and felt unappreciated ... Its moments lidis that kept me going and going and going and going and going ....

"Hello everyone here…

My name is Chan Tze Jia but most of the people call me Phoebe. My hometown is located at Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I study in MMU and majoring in Marketing Management. This is my Gamma year.
Student ID : 104xxxxx60

My favourite blog is http://rojaks.blogspot.com Once you start read the blog and you’ll never stop reading it. Laughing will come out automatically all the time for each and every article posted in the blog. BEST BLOG and BEST ENTERTAINMENT!!! "

Taken from HERE

And that, Ladies and Genitalmen is the No.1 reason why i still blog ....


  1. aww..so sweet!!

    eh i ur fansee oso ok!! i read through all ur most visited entries!! kakaka =P

    keep up the hard work lkj!!

  2. I blog all b'cos I try to pull a s exy leg!! But I enjoy reading yours entries. Very funny funny wan.

  3. o.0~~

    She's my batch but dunno her tho.

  4. Last time my teacher asked me what is my ambition, I also got told her I wanna be as fehmes as Wingz@rojaks.blogspot.com mah! Kaka...

  5. yes,

    mader say everidei read rojaks later big boi ledi veri hensem wan.

  6. Wah.. got admirer tim.. so lucky..

    So this fella really larfu Rojak lar?

  7. ahhaha. thats so cool. i bet it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesnt it? when u get something like that. some sort of appreciation...

  8. wah... damn 9 famous already... now even more 9 famous...

  9. Because of wingz, my days become better , bright after a weekly dose a jokes..
    It very good to have wingz in blogger communities...

    U can become next wu zhong xian :)

  10. Wingz,

    OMG...U seriously gave me a big surprise by sending up my story in your blog...
    I'm so paiseh and speechless...
    with the name and my some particular data...
    so now MMU know who is me already... >.<
    u seriously good in blogging and joking crap here...

  11. Fuahhh... got super fansi! I also one of them leh... got free meal mou? LOL

  12. huei : u what fansee? i thot u now consider family ledi? lol

    hornyangmoh : you sure u original angmoh or u AP angmoh? lol!

    lance : faster go dig her out la! lol

    bryan : mcb! lu no.2 most influential blogger in Msia ledi! u sommo wanna be like me ka?! tiu!

    ahpek : u hansem enuff ledi lar tom slek!

    zara mama : hey long time no see la! i thot u also my admirer? lol

    jokeserv : warm and fuzzy? i got high high dei only .. wamr n fuzzy sounded like abit ahkua! lol

    zewt : niahme luff me la! so far only one person write lidat jek! she actually were forced by me wan! lol

    sasuke : wuah got so power anot me?!! u think me god ar? lol

    Feebee : haha i apologise for not having your permission to put up part of your article here but dont worry la! my blog got 20 readers only jek!!! no nid paiseh and no nid to do speech one also! lol

    kenny ng : wuah I also your fansee la!!! then u also kena blanja me makan also la?! lol

  13. 0.o
    Now I also addicted to RojaksDaily tau..

  14. I also read your blog daily mah..... but hor, I never seem to be prettier wor!!! How ar...... hahaha

  15. Eee! Got beribus ribus of readers and fan see!

    *echo with erinalaw*

    Read ur blog only can bekam hensem geh? Cant bekam lengluis geh?

  16. lol....keep it up dude...i like u....ure so furnny.....do drop by my blog anytime.....



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